Map – Ostrov

Author: Rinat Ibragimov

Nice little map with a nasty surprise (hint: avoid the wooden bridge). It has all the elements of a good small map with some fun to be had. You start off on a island have to make your way down sandy forest tracks and mud to the lumber mill to unload your cargo.

Latest stable by: King Unique

Level Ostrov V1.0 Latest Stable
Level Ostrov V1.0 Latest Stable
level_Ostrov v1.0_latest_stable.7z
17.7 MiB

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6 Responses to Map – Ostrov

  1. trenton420 says:

    Did someone or you fix the kraz 63221?

  2. WarMaz says:

    Multiplayer and achievments doesn’t work for me after installing Ostrov, because of problems with compatibility or sth like this, but I saw today some guys playing on Ostrov in MP, where is the Problem? Do I miss some files?

  3. Cris says:

    How the heck I get out of the island. Please hint

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