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Map – Nasha

Author: Alexey Ananyev

Sweet little map this one. Good for some leisure logging trips. Or to race it with the Raakry like i did. It has forest tracks, tarmac and mud pits. Also a very nicely done stream with bridges and rocks in it. Not a big map but a enjoyable one.

Level Nasha Karta Latest Stable
Level Nasha Karta Latest Stable
11.2 MiB
Latest stable by: King Unique

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    Apr 24, 2015 1:54 pm

    I am not sure actually why, but this is not my favourite after all.

    It did seem to be a great map, but then I kind of lost interest. For instance the forest is almost impossible to cut, but in otherhand inside the forest there are some really nice driving scenery.

    I think I would like to say that the map is ok, but not great.

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