Map – Nagorno

Tip: Norsa
Author: Emre54

I got a tip from Norsa that there is a good quality map at this Turkish fansite and he was right. It is called the Nagorno map and it is a good decent map to spend some hours on trying to get from A to B with your lumber or just exploring the map.

It features the following:
– Start with two urals
– Two kraz, 1 uaz and 1 kamaz are on the map
– Custom object models
– 16 point destination

Level Map Nagorno Latest Stable
Level Map Nagorno Latest Stable
92.7 MiB
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21 Responses to Map – Nagorno

  1. MADPOWER says:

    without maz`s uhhh someone will be feeling umputaded:)
    Personally i love kraz truck


    this could be good chance to introduce my kraz rework 🙂

    Hein if you can post this tweack of mine please…apreciated!

  2. Alex says:

    Нельзя открыть гаражи! You can not open garages!

    • Norsa says:

      Hint – One Ural has a garage carriage. There is a Kamaz somewhere that has another. OR you can play with a friend and ta-da. You are welcome.

      • Alex says:

        Спасибо! Я поставил Мод на Уаз и поэтому, наверно, пропал прицеп с гаражными частями. Thank you! I put on Maud Oise and therefore probably disappeared trailer parts garage.

      • MADPOWER says:

        yes….but at least my map….garage cart have 0 points istead of 2…

    • MADPOWER says:

      I guess that happens now in some conversions….repair points etc turn to “0”. Now that way around solution of living garage trailer on map may not work 🙁

  3. v3n0m says:

    I was driving Jeep by Brute and my front end fell throught textures and then I was launched in the air, so.. yeah.. nope for this map

    • MADPOWER says:

      I bet it was at the wood bridge entrance…..
      Is an Hell of an entrance :)))
      by the shape of ground and how textures sometimes vanish, i guess is one “terrain conflit”,something that might happen when rendering map.Normally when is too stiff for the ground,but sometimes it can do it, for no matter at all….unfortunatelly is common when building maps. But only now happen to me, after 5 or 6 runs on that bridge.I also found out that i can not equip trailer on my LR…and trailers have no feets to park…that one i haven`t understood yet 😉

      Hein…about the posts…I write a lot (sorry for that) but is been a while where i fought that you could only be “running” to manage awnser all and test etc…and for quite some time i toke liberty to awnser when i felt i could help….glad to be in wright direcion
      I totally agree on help each other,when we want to adress to you, at least i start by saying…Hein,….this or that
      This way we might take some load of your sholders;)

  4. wild9 says:

    I didn’t have any issues running this map in Legacy with stock trucks. Was able to finish it within a reasonable time.

  5. MADPOWER says:

    ok hein thanks…i did remake my upload, but it link is for my page should go…ok i will folow advice!tx

    About the map, i found it very nice, but garage cart have no points, and cistern trailer have no feets, not even chance to parq it to disconect….very odd

    Not sure this was the reason but my game now keeps losting conecion to steam….will give up on it for now 🙁

  6. Haris says:

    There is no wheel on truck?

  7. Killer666 says:

    Really well-made map. I like roads where you can flip 6×6. Forest areas do not have too many big trees which means there are some nice shortcuts to discover.

  8. Haris says:

    There is no wheels on tuck

  9. MADPOWER says:

    After all my garage points issue had nothing to do with map…sorry for that:|
    The map is really cool has i said before, and still have the trailer thing,but not major!
    Very well made and cool map with chalenging tracks;)

  10. Karan43 says:

    It was a nice map to drive BUT here was no wood by the lumber (list is empty) and we did just install this map so no big rating here (did play it in MP as 3 )

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