Map – Na Lesopoval

Author: Dimon43

Not a big map this one and rectangular in shape but nonetheless entertaining. Deeply rutted mud paths present a nice challenge for any logging truck trying to get to its destination. Custom object such as houses and fuel station are used and even the rocks do offer some minor rock crawling opportunity.

Level Na Lesopoval Latest Stable
Level Na Lesopoval Latest Stable
level_Na Lesopoval_latest_stable.7z
6.4 MiB

Latest stable by: King Unique

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2 Responses to Map – Na Lesopoval

  1. Eclipse says:

    I gotta, only played a few minutes but was thoroughly impressed. I didn’t have to drive long to find trouble and the roads were wide enough for my long trailer but only two truck lengths out of the start my beast Kenworth was stuck and I had to restart with my large offroad tires to go any further. Just made it to the log yard but this map will be a new testing grounds for my log truck!

  2. Ilkka says:

    I think this map can be recommended, it is fun, small map that can be played trough in desent time, but also there are a some challenges as well.

    Good work.

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