Map – Level32X32

Author: Vitalij Ivanov

Not the most imaginative name out there but the 32×32 level does offer some nice gameplay. Lots of forest ofcourse but also a nice terrain build. It offers something for everyone. From mud lovers to leisure logging fans. It does have one flaw, a mudhole filled with logs so you can cross does not have proper dimensions so your truck goes into it. Besides that a great looking map!

Level 32x32 Latest Stable
Level 32x32 Latest Stable
59.4 MiB

Latest stable by: King Unique

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16 Responses to Map – Level32X32

  1. Trenton420 says:

    I was using the Zil and I was able to cross the “flaw” you had mentioned. Just thought I’d let you know.

  2. MADPOWER says:

    that`s very strange the logs thing?!?
    Hey Hein, could it be , from being upside dow. the logs i mean.
    Does not make much sense but perhaps worth try…

  3. MADPOWER says:

    Just got out of game cause i had to say this…
    What a great map, nice work
    Thumbs up for the author

  4. MADPOWER says:

    ok perhaps too much muddy:)…still very very nice layout

  5. MADPOWER says:

    Hein my friend…this is pretty odd but the log issue did not happen with me…just how strange is that lol
    Here is proof:

  6. Dan says:

    amazing map had no problem with the logs maybe the rakary buggy was the problem? This map has a bit of everything but well mixed together.

    • says:

      I think the wheels for the raakry are the problem yep. So the map is good 🙂

      • TurtleGaming says:

        Hey i wasnt sure where to send a message at. I have a map that you might be interested in!!! If you could message me or email me let me know! This map is awesome by the way.

  7. Corey says:

    I can not get the Map to work i install it all just like any video on Youtube tells you to and it pops up in the level selection but when i click on it, it starts to load and it stops and a blank dialog box pops up and it just has an OK button and when you click it it takes you back to the mail menu

  8. David says:

    How do I load maps that textures,classes and meshes files? I can not get them to work. The maps that only have levels and map files in media folder I can get to work with no problems. I am on the latest build 19/03/15. Thanks for any help.

  9. David says:

    Never Mind. I got them working. Thank for the help.

  10. Ilkka says:

    I didn’t finish this since there seemed to be lack of proper trucks, mostly only a and b cars and since the map is so large, would be nice to find better vehicles.

    Maybe I just did not found them, I did explore about 60% of the map.

  11. Tucker says:

    when i attempted to unzip this map it said a password was required to do so, how do i fix this?

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