Map – LesoK

Author: huj znaet

This is a practice map. It’s small compared to the others but that does not mean it is no fun. Good enough for a small run before lunch!

Level LesoK Latest Stable
Level LesoK Latest Stable
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8 Responses to Map – LesoK

  1. Roman says:

    The literal translation from Russian by the Author-“who the fuck knows” Ah-ha… :))

  2. Tyler says:

    What do we do if we have already updated spintires?

  3. Ford PowerStroker says:

    Every map I have downloaded always Can’t Load level_(name) then file either broken or missing/ old version can someone help

  4. Karan43 says:

    Hmm yes its a small map, you complet it in less then a 1h (46min) solo but it also not a realy good map.

    You only can drive on the roads (+15-5meters beside) before you hit the wall of trees beside everywhere. 80% the map you just drive easy whit automatic whitout all wheels mode and you realy fast from the start garage to the 2nd locked garage (did take 3-5mins?) and now the Lumber is muddy but not that hard that you stuck there for long.

    So and now the realy realy big point where i realy dont like this map, after you start your way to the objective and drive whit your load through the waterhole your nightmare starts, its not hard but its just 15 mins of only pressing accelerate and move like 1 meter per minute until your finnaly stay in your objective and can dig your way back throught the stucky hell. It’s not realy fun and its not hard, its just pressing W while watching how your truck moves inch after inch until you finnaly get to the part back where you can drive, you cant even winch your way realy because like i already said the wall of tress are far beside the road and even there you just move like a snail.

    Whitout this snail part you have to drive twice whit medium load the map would be only like a 15-20min quicky.

    The map has 0 cloacking (what i understand now whit this narrow ways) so there is no exploring going one.

    The Map has 1 Lumber, 1 Objective, 2 Garage (1locked) and 2 Fuel

    Overall i would like the map more whitout the snail part even if it would be way shorter then, the map feel’s more like a demo/test map then a actual play map for me. Somehow i liked the City, it did loks all fine there and i kinda had my fun driving in there, also how the way concept is from the Starting Garage (after the bridge) to the 2nd Garage but it would fit much much better in a bigger map where this would be a long road and only a part.
    You better play this Map just Solo then in MP (the map is just to small that you would have fun here in MP and you would just stand on each other feet).

    My Score for this map would be a 3/10, it’s not garbage but also it dont realy feel like a map at all

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