Map – Katarina

Author: Andrei Krasnov

To be used with the Legacy version.
Screenshots made by Andrei Krasnov (?)

Level Katarina Latest Stable
Level Katarina Latest Stable
129 MiB

Latest stable by: King Unique

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15 Responses to Map – Katarina

  1. MuddyWaters says:

    getting a 403 “you do not have permission” error when trying to download this map

  2. MuddyWaters says:

    Downloading now. Thanks!

  3. MuddyWaters says:

    I had a couple issues with the map.

    1. Had to change the version in order to get the map to load in legacy.
    2. Can not rescue truck to the unlocked garage at the starting point. The rescued truck ends up spawning on the bridge rails and becomes stuck in the bridge with an endless cycle of complete damage and repair

  4. Kent says:

    is it possible to get this to work on multiplayer ?

  5. Rav3n says:

    Is this “plug & play” for Legacy now? Can’t check on my own atm.. not near my gaming PC.

  6. Ghurd7 says:

    When ever I try to load up the map even in legacy mode it says ok and i cant play on the map

  7. Ghurd7 says:

    Now when i try to put it in the folder it says the folder has letters that cant be used so i cant even put it in the folder

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