Map – High Desert

Author: Blackwater_CA
Source: Oovee

This is a really challenging map. It is ideal for when you want to do some technical driving instead of just driving along and doing some logging. I did this map with the Unimog SWB and it was quite a treat. There are parts of this map that really need carefull planning so your truck does not end up on its roof. Excellent map to provide you with hours of fun.

If you like what you see then please consider a small donation for my work on this map.

Level Blackwater High Desert Latest Stable
Level Blackwater High Desert Latest Stable
48.2 MiB

Level Blackwater High Desert Replace Flood
Level Blackwater High Desert Replace Flood
48.2 MiB

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122 Responses to Map – High Desert

  1. Gr4ndy says:

    Hey, I have a question, not exactly about this map, but overall. Don’t you mind using the links to your site in the description of my YouTube videos?

  2. carter says:

    Why doesn’t it work for legacy?

  3. josh says:

    when i try to launch this map it say missing/broken or old version. what am i doing wrong?

  4. Lucid says:

    Does map not work in Legacy version?

    • says:

      Not a legacy map. Use latest version.

      • Lucid says:

        By far the best map ever I played!

        • says:

          And i assume you are using the latest version of the game right? Just checking because others seem incapable of playing it.

          • Moggz says:

            Does this work with the legacy version? An evil witch sent me back in time, and the current version is yet to be released.

            It’s about time modders started catering for people who have been sent back in time by otherworldly forces.

            Also, someone from your future tell’s me that logging on this map would be an absolute nightmare of impossibility. Brilliant for testing truck capability though and a real challenge to drive.

          • Trucker1114 says:

            I did the logging using one of the rovers

          • Trucker1114 says:

            I did the logging using one of the rivers

  5. Brayton says:

    work with legacy?

  6. Lo Lo Land says:

    Is this map multiplayer? With out breaking it?

  7. kiov says:

    Is there anyway i could play with my friends on this map…. I think it would be best for this map……….. make it work for legacy? Or is there anyway i could make it work for legacy?

    • says:

      Not sure. I can try to make it work for legacy but the latest version of the stable branch is far better looking so i prefer to play that version instead of legacy.

  8. laziestmango says:

    ford is better than chevy!

  9. plase respond says:

    what is latest version

  10. codyallen says:

    so ive downloaded and tried too install and when i go too run the map it tells me that it’s for an earlier version or it’s broken. what am i doing wrong?

  11. aaron says:

    this mod does not work i tried it on the legacy virsion of spintires full game it installed it was in the game i clicked on the map pressed start game then it said ok then went to the river map

  12. Bewbless says:

    I probably sound like an idiot, but im running the current branch and im still getting the broken map error, should the additional textures and models be added to excisting ones. (Sorry i’m new to spintires and there are no good tutorials on this.)

  13. RadicalRitz says:

    Is there anyway you can do multiplayer on this map? I saw Tomcat play multiplayer with this map.

  14. AverageJoe63 says:

    Worst map ever. Absolutely pathetic design

    • Blackwater says:

      99.9999% of people love this map. thanks.

      • the_4x4_king says:

        good job but do you have to go to properties and switch it to latest stable
        please reply because i am not using legacy but i get a message saying file broken,old or missing so what do i do

        • the_4x4_king says:

          please answer when you can

        • b2own says:

          i have answered a cpple times on this thread i suggest using GME mod manager and make sure the file paths are in order IE(no folder with the same name inside the mod folder) you should open the modded folder and have it show you a media folder not the same name as the folder you just opened(what happens sometimes)

  15. Roman says:

    Dear . your cards are of high quality,but very complicated… something simpler and more with the same quality???

  16. Romans says:

    It is beautiful, but not interesting as obstacles are the same and progress VERY slow. Don`t know maybe have to play it more. Seems booring.

    • b2own says:

      play normal maps they are simple, i would love to see a easy to cruze map with big jumps and cliffs to launch off in the ford raptor, might start making my own maps if i can figure it out lol

      • Blackwater says:

        I am currently making another race track for the baja version of the raptor that SID is working on. Currently called “Project X”

        big jumps. end of story

    • Blackwater says:

      I agree. Not my best map. I think if i had downscaled alot of the really oversize rolling hill obstacles, it would have been better.

      However, still a great map for testing your vehicular skills πŸ™‚

  17. b2own says:

    OK PEOPLE, here is tip for working stable build and legacy(not this map). I use the jsGME tool for modding both and it works online ( to play online both need exact same mods and start the game before you put mods on,(sometimes you have to reinstall game i just deleate media folders and verrify game inteegrity in steam)OK NOW onto why the maps might not work for you, when you unzip the file make sure to look int the file and make sure it goes to a media file right away, like this map for example afet i extracted it had Mapblackwater/mapblackwater/media…… you want it to just be mapblackwater/media so you want to extract the inner folder into your mod folder for the gme tool.

  18. Aaron Hall says:

    I have tried this on Legacy, latest build and using JGSME – I just cannot get it to run. I get a file missing error or just a blank grey box. Sad face.

    • says:

      Latest being the 9-3-2015 right? Works for me.

    • b2own says:

      OK i use Win RAR + GME(mod manager) i will open the dl and check the path of moded folder if it is LevelBlackwater/Levelblackwater/media IT WONT WORK because it wants to see levelblackwater/media…. so open the mod folder and make sure inside the folder is not the same named folder bud a media folder( i dont use legacy anymore so not 100% about it) For multi with mods run game first start your server (alt-tab) open your GME copy map mod thean car mod(make sure firend joins your server before he copys modsover too and have fun make sure when the game is done to remove MODs with the GME or you could corrupt your filed and have to varify or reDL

  19. BleakBandit says:

    i tried downloading it but instead of getting the usual zip file all i get is a file thats marked 7z which in my case is useless when trying to use the map

  20. kane says:

    is this map only for online modded multiplayer or can you use it offline . i normally download my maps off of here and when i download them they are always normal files but on this one it is winrar i have the programe but why is it not a normal folder i can unzip?

  21. Koon says:

    Please I beg of you, go back to a folder. I really don’t feel like getting a bug in my $900 computer because I wanted to play my favorite map. 7z is a waste of space on my HDD and I hate learning how to use new software. I’m currently trying to figure out how to use teamspeak.

  22. bryso says:

    can u make this work with latest version?>

  23. quentin mullett says:

    it need to be updated again to the brand new update

  24. Duke says:

    No something new for this map on new patch of game? dosent work!

  25. OffRoad18 says:

    Any chance of a Legacy version?

  26. paul says:

    Hi! I am really wanting to play this map but I have no idea on how to put this file (7z) into spintires. I tried putting it in like I put in any other normal zip file into the game. Please help.

  27. Option321 says:

    Hey, I was wondering if you could help me? When i install the map and put it in my levels thing and my game is on none of of beta or what ever it is and i go to start up the game and click the map to play it, it comes up with a missing/broke or old version of the file, my game has been reinstalled today and it still does not work

  28. Tim says:

    Works fine on the most stable version, just curious as to which planet this is designed after because there’s no terrain on this planet like this. LOL. I have it uncloaked using the Hummer H2 6×6 and it was a handfull. Now I’m trying to decide if I really want to torment myself further and try to haul logs. My hats off to you, Blackwater another fine example of an abject lesson in frustration,,,, or,,,,futility, I love it keep up the good work.

  29. Koon says:

    Quick question, how do I install this map? I see a bunch of folder that are never there. I see the important “level” folder then a bunch of others. plzz respond.

  30. quentin mullett says:

    can you update the map

  31. duckyeatingquackers says:

    will there be a .zip edition

  32. will there be a .zip version of this map

  33. SVENNE1362 says:

    Im using 3/9/2015 but im getting missing/broken or old error.
    I have installed the map on a clean spintires but wont work can someone help?

  34. the_4x4_king says:

    can u please get help because i get a message saying ‘file old/broken or missing
    im using latest stable but it comes up with that message. so what do i do

  35. bob says:

    Not working on both versions what am i doing wrong?

  36. SemperGump says:

    How do you get this in a .zip file. I downloaded the 7zip and I still cant get the map to work. I got the other blackwater map to work. Help?

  37. FIRE REAPER says:

    thx love the map now i just need a friends to play the map with me

  38. 4x4 _king says:

    I use latest stable for me is (13.04.15) so would it just not work because I get the message saying file broken or old or missing executable

  39. the_4x4_king says:

    how do i get an older edition to (9.3.15)

    • Moggz says:

      This is working fine for me on the latest version of SpinTires.

      • Moggz says:

        Well, I say fine… In my experience, logs float into the air, smash your truck to pieces and then make weird, floating symbols in the sky like a scene from some currently unreleased Evil Dead/Mad Max crossover. And the terrain is also evil. But it does work for me.

  40. ken says:

    my computer wont let me open the folder because it has the .7z at the end??

  41. the_4x4_king says:

    how do you change spintires to be 9.03.15

  42. Buddybj says:

    When i click to play the map it says filr broken or missing, what am i doing wrong

  43. Gianni Lens says:

    how do you make activate the mod

  44. Randal says:

    Does this Map work on the current stable? (10.23.15)

  45. Will Barrows says:

    General question about maps: I’d love to build a map that has real-time forest fire, or grass fire happening. Can anyone say whether this is possible or not?

  46. snert98 says:

    hello this map is working fine on latest version, played it on older versions much but in this version the barrels are just with block some other items turned withe aswell does anyone have a solution?

  47. wayne says:

    does this map work in multiplayer on the latest version

  48. Blackwater says:

    Im absolutely amazed people are still playing my maps, I appreciate it guys!

    I would help with the updating and all that, But I dont have the time to build maps or play spintires these days.

    Thanks again!

  49. holden says:

    can the map high dessert be updated so it can be used in the recent update of spintires

  50. holden says:

    it dosent work for me and its my favorite map so why dosent mod maps work

  51. Chris says:

    Yup, dont work for me either, on startup there are no trucks and you cant add any either πŸ™

  52. Joe Smith says:

    I’m probably going to sound like an idiot, but when I install this, it installs a 7z file, which brings me to this page. What should I do?

  53. jas hyde says:

    this map will not work no matter what i do any ideas

  54. Christopher Tinseth says:

    I have the latest version of spintires and it keeps saying “file either broken or missing”. I also cleared my cache and it still doesn’t work. Please help ASAP

  55. Ariel Cardenas says:

    It says broken or missing link on mine. What should I do?


  56. thnoobpwnr says:

    i have the same problem should i just reinstall the map?

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