Map – Green Plains

Author: no107064
Source: no107064

This is a big map from no107064. Featuring lots of wood and plains. Uses a lot of custom buildings and the whole map just feels like a bit puzzle to explore and found out what is where. I did get some screenshots but i could have easily spend hours more on this map.

Works for Legacy version of the game. And also available for the latest stable (9-3-15).

Level Green Plains Latest Stable
Level Green Plains Latest Stable
386 MiB

Latest stable by: King Unique

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21 Responses to Map – Green Plains

  1. Roman says:

    Cool map. Finally a map where you can actually cut a road. all the cards before,looked like a trucker in the country….. Respect,the quality of performance at altitude… Well that got rid of the Plates and numerous unnecessary…

  2. Eric Shidler says:

    Very well done map from what I have explored.
    Loaded up the Kamaz with a cistern and repair trailer, and headed off on an adventure scout. I made it 3/4 of the way around the outside of the map before rolling off of a blind curve with a drop. Diverse terrain ranging from forest trails, beach, and flat out swamp makes for an interesting Sunday drive so to speak.
    Converted it no problem for stable release as well.

  3. tombuggy says:

    master of cards
    only fun to explore it

  4. peppe says:

    con questa mappa appena provo a giocare mi appare scritto : file mancante/dannegg. O vers. prec. ,come posso risolvere?

  5. Lo Lo Land says:

    how would i get those veichles?

  6. MADPOWER says:

    Another great map, that i`m probablly not going to play….imho these vehicles with maps are not good idea…if we like to tune our vehicles in game anyway.for those i`m guessing they will pass to loose their work.Could you make version without,prescribe our work,or is too much to asking;)
    Is that you do great maps,but for me this is killer,as i believe to others as well

    • MADPOWER says:

      _To much of a task…i understand.You have your own idea.
      For me us just perfect to have bouth options, cause i really do like your maps, but loose my tweaks in game, i don`t…
      But i get it;)
      no arm done…

  7. v3n0m says:

    I really wanna play this map, I’ve got 090315 version of the game and it still shows that error message when launching the map. What can I do to make it work?

  8. Renan says:

    Question. The red model truck in one of your pictures, the quad cab. Is there a working vehicle mod for that truck? I’d love to have that quad cab.

  9. oldman777 says:

    level_Green_plains_replace_Flood – For build 25.12.15, When you open one point, become open several points. Is possible fix this?

  10. justin says:

    does this work with most recent build?

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