Map – GES

Author: V12

Another map from V12. This time it has a massive hydro electric dam which you have to cross first to get to the rest of the map. This can be a bit tricky in the uaz so i swapped that for the H2 6×6 ;). Great map with lots of exploring to be done.

Map can be used in Legacy mode.

Level GES Latest Stable
Level GES Latest Stable
135 MiB

Latest stable by: King Unique

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9 Responses to Map – GES

  1. MADPOWER says:

    small-medium-big…this could be good info when posting new maps…at least for me size metters:)

  2. billthedwarf says:

    What are all the trucks in the folder??

  3. lololj7351 says:


    I do not manage to run this map for spintires on 2015

  4. lololj7351 says:

    message : can’t load level_ges -file either broken/missing or old version …..

  5. daniel says:

    the download says latest stable

  6. daniel says:

    not to mention you are running a latest stable truck

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