Map – Forgotten City

Author: Monroe
Peterbuilt material: BruteTerror

A new player has entered the ranks of map makers by the name of Monroe. And he can keep doing it as far as i am concerned. Good looking map, lots of custom object and interesting routes to take with your truck+trailer. Not ultra hard but challenging enough to keep veteran players happily playing it for a few hours or more.

* Update: I have had contact with BruteTerror and confirmed myself that his Peterbuilt material was used in this map. Credits are added to the top of the post.

Level Forgotten City Latest Stable
Level Forgotten City Latest Stable
97.7 MiB

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24 Responses to Map – Forgotten City

  1. Sasquatch says:

    This map is well organized and scenic… Masterful use of objects and effects. There are few cloaks but placement offers a moderate challenge with the provided vehicles. Be sure to search for the ramp – with speed modification you may be able to jump your vehicle back to the garage! Hopefully the next version will have a larger ramp.

  2. Jesse Catron says:

    Crashed my game and had to reinstall my media file.

  3. bigford15 says:

    You stole Bruteterror’s tires off of his peterbuilt truck.

  4. Danny96XD says:

    thiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeefffffffffffffffffffff you got loads of BruteTerror’s stuff in the map thief

  5. monroe is a thief says:

    stop ripping models

  6. firstgen says:

    thiefy mcgee

  7. John says:

    How can you steal something that is already stolen?

    • says:

      Actually it is not stolen. BruteTerror did download the model you are probably refering to but instead of using it as his base built his own model using the downloaded model as reference. Which might be called copying but there is nothing wrong that imho. If you have a problem with this please report to the author of the model that you believe is stolen and have him sort it out with BruteTerror.

      • John says:

        The owner of the original model is Ivan, a very well known modder on 18 WoS. It’s Brute Terrors responsibility to contact the owner and gain permission to replicate his materials not mine.

        It’s remarkable that Brute Terror managed to build his own model with exactly the same shape poly’s as the original. The odds against that happening are greater than winning the lottery.

        • says:

          This is what i know about this specific truck. If you have a problem with it report it to Ivan and have him decide what action should be taken. I don’t know Ivan nor do i know how to contact him or where to find him.

  8. DragonPatton says:

    every time I down load a map it goes to my note pad what am I doing wrong

  9. KamiOhx says:

    What are the vehicles on this map?

  10. Speckbrot 3000 says:

    Best custom map I’ve played so far, thanks!

  11. cph30075 says:

    How did Monroe have the stock vehicles and modded vehicles in one map?

  12. james says:

    hey this map keeps crashing my game and another thing why dose none of the other people who mod tell people themself instead of having other people do it for them we should be able to talk right to them instead of the 10 diff people i have lots to ask every modder about there stuff and none of them reply why is that ?

  13. Ruud says:

    Some objectives cant be reached.

  14. Devin Eremchuk says:

    These maps are starting to get on my nerves because you are only allowed to pick one custom truck for your startup vehicle. I wish you can choose different trucks to replace all the trucks on the map. For example even though you start with one startup truck I wish you could choose what the other trucks on the map are. Please help if there is a shortcut or something to replace the trucks that are not the startup trucks.

  15. Steve Learman says:

    I am currently playing this map. Love it. Very well made. Keep up the good work.

  16. Billy says:

    why don’t you credit the converter of these maps

  17. Matt says:

    Non of the maps for the new version of spin tires are working for me. Is there something I’m doing wrong or what? please help.

  18. Pathologcz says:

    Please update Maps on version ST 24.12.2015

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