Map – Flattop Trek

Author: Minitor

A nice challenging map for those seeking a more adventurous logging run. Steep hills, deep waters en lots of very well put together terrain. Not bad for a first map,not bad at all.

Level Flattop Trek Latest Stable
Level Flattop Trek Latest Stable
35.7 MiB


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7 Responses to Map – Flattop Trek

  1. Simon says:

    My game crashes when ever I start the map I am not in legacy I am in the normal latest stable and I when I open it My game crashes

    • Moggz says:

      If you have mod trucks installed, then that can sometimes cause maps to crash too (I think it’s if the map tries to load a specific add-on to a truck, when the mod for that truck doesn’t support the specified add-on)

  2. Aphelion says:

    Try clearing the Spintires cache.

    • Mike says:

      Cleaning the cache should resolve the issue. If a map tries to load a specific addon which isn’t supported by the truck it simply will not load the addon. It should work with any number of modded trucks, I have personally played this map with all 7 trucks being mods.

      • Moggz says:

        Whether it’s add-ons or not, I have plenty of maps which work fine on a clean install with default trucks (or with just Zil and Uaz changes), but crash the game if I try to load them with my current mod vehicle set-up. Clearing the cache makes no difference in my case at least. I guess it depends on the trucks.

        • Moggz says:

          Although, this particular map is working fine for me with all mod trucks. It’s a nice realistic landscape that quickly goes from a bit tame to surprisingly tricky.

          I probably wouldn’t have tried it had I known it was a smaller map, but actually I’ve enjoyed it thus far. Would be better if it had all the trucks.

  3. ccik says:

    Map seems boring at first, but has some surprised where you wont expect them.

    Nicely done, had some great fun

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