Map – Elki

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Again a small map. Not the biggest of the bunch but still nice to use if you do not have hours to play. It has some though put into it so you do not get bored quick. Not really challenging which makes this a ideal map for a quick drive!


Level Elki Latest Stable
Level Elki Latest Stable
7.6 MiB

Latest stable by: King Unique


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One Response to Map – Elki

  1. Karan43 says:

    A funny little map, here are no super hard parts, you even can just drive realy easy here. but if you want to take a little challenge you can take nice selected shortcuts. It’s even a nice way to start playing this map, you start in the Jeep only have to finde the other two (yes here are only 3 vehicles) and after you finde the small blue truck you have to use him to unlock the small green.

    It did take a little more then 2h for me and my friend so i guess solo play time would be 4-5h, here are 1 Garage, 1 Fuel, 1 Lumber and 4 Objectives.

    Overall we two had a nice playround here, you won’t get a really challenge here but a nice chilling round for a few hours, the map has a nice desinge whit the shortcuts and the idear you have to use a smaller vehicle to unlock the otheres is really nice. My score for this Map would be a 8/10.

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