Map – Diegos Road Remake

Author: no107064

Diegos Road is a map which was around for a while but has gotten some tlc and has been remade into a amazing map. You really feel like you are deep in the woods where normal roads rarely exist and you have to rely on your driving skills a lot more then usuall. Very well put together map with a lot of challenges ahead of you.

Level Diegos Road Remake Latest Stable
Level Diegos Road Remake Latest Stable
level_Diegos Road Remake_latest_stable.7z
521 MiB
Latest stable by: King Unique

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10 Responses to Map – Diegos Road Remake

  1. Puddingdwarf says:

    the map files are corrupt :/

  2. MADPOWER says:

    ahh this one i did tryed it!;)
    As always great map…one request to the author though.
    Take some time to organize you texture folder,see through meshes wich one you need and wich don`t, cause you have a bunch of stuff not need it, like landcruiser textures etc…
    apart from that,is just 107064 line of work;)

  3. MADPOWER says:

    nº107064, i`m not trying to be annoying here,i really do love your maps,and this last one respawns were better taking care of 😉
    About the textures, i already deleted a bunch of them and corrspondent meshes, clear cache and all works fine. If you want to go from there,i can upload it to dropbox or something…your call
    more then half is donne

  4. leebower says:

    i still cant get these maps to work on my spin tires, i have the latest version. i think. i mean i have the one off steam. but still i get lil grey box that says ok

  5. MADPOWER says:

    why 2 clients in exacly same spot if we had such big map?gets kind of boring doing the same way every time…but don`t take me wrong, these are just sugestions, i`m just happy you make them for us:)
    new map please;))))

  6. Aphelion says:

    (Thanks for your dedication no107064 and hard work). Diegos Road Remake and El Bosque Bravo are my favorite maps so far.

  7. Roman says:

    All I wish you health! As always a great card from this Author. For that special Thanks. I even managed to drive four cars with a long tail,although afraid that will not reach Sawmills 🙂 Now have the road back,loaded with containers… :))

  8. Captain says:


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