Map – Diamondback

Author: Nix_909

This is a rock crawler map. And nothing more. Oh you can do some logging if you want but really this map is all about rock crawling. Imagine taking each rock and place it on this map, shaping and moving it. One by one. Lot of work went into this map by Nix and it is going to make a lot of rock crawler fans very happy.

Level Diamondback Legacy
Level Diamondback Legacy
14.5 MiB

Level Diamondback Latest Stable
Level Diamondback Latest Stable
19.3 MiB

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6 Responses to Map – Diamondback

  1. Jon says:

    Yesterday I was thinking about an old spintires map. I think it was called rock forest. I was hoping for another crawling map. This is awesome! About a quarter of the way thru my crawl tho, I thought to myself, “just a little mud would be nice” (I’m from Oregon lol) then I tire to cross the bridge lol. Yay mud lol!

  2. Jason aragon says:

    is this for the new version if not can anybody tell me where i can find the mods for the new full version of the game please…..

  3. devindh says:

    Yeah, it is a great map, Thats the reason for converting this before the tools available.

  4. Techno Delta says:

    I think ST wasnt designed for crawling, but still plenty fun!

  5. Jaden says:

    Whats the diff between Legacy and Latest Stable

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