MAP – Dakar

Author: V12

If you just want to drive around in the sand for a bit you will want this map. Lots of sand and dunes to drive on but be carefull. Do not go to fast up a hill or you will end up flying your truck into a big crash :). Packages comes with a themed truck!

Map works in Legacy mode.

Level Dakar Latest Stable
Level Dakar Latest Stable
69.9 MiB

Latest stable by: King Unique


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11 Responses to MAP – Dakar

  1. Trenton420 says:

    Says can’t load level. First time ever having the problem. Yes it’s on legacy, yes I copied everything correctly. Maybe something with the zip?

  2. Eric Shidler says:

    Whats the gag here?
    Either the bridge over the river is missing, or I cant find it.

  3. scott says:

    any fix for the locked garage?

  4. Eric Shidler says:

    NM, I found it

  5. V12 says:

    Attention ! You will need zidon155′ mod Tatra 813.

  6. crash says:

    Dakar garage unlock with kraz cabin protector

    Dakar garage unlock with kraz cabin protector + enable all kraz addon

  7. Alan says:

    Would be a lot better map if you had more than one vehicle and an unlocked garage from the get go. If you roll over or total the truck there is no way to rescue or roll back over. No garage to rescue to

  8. V12 says:

    Modified package with T813 + addons. Download here :

    There are only 2 trucks again. If You will roll over without unlocked garage, hmmm, you are lost. Like a real Dakar 🙂

  9. will says:

    When I enter the map it is black(there is audio and the lights of the truck can be seen and I am in legacy, its almost like pich black night time

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