Map – Canyon

Author:ย no107064
Source: Zidon

Download and enjoy a big big map with lots of objects to conquer. Hill climbs and even an insane bridge to get across. This map provides tons of fun for everyone looking for a good time in Spin Tires. Try it to know why i enjoyed the map myself.

To be used in Legacy mode or latest version.

Level Canyon V0.95 Latest Stable
Level Canyon V0.95 Latest Stable
level_Canyon V0.95_latest_stable.7z
380 MiB

Latest stable by: King Unique

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55 Responses to Map – Canyon

  1. MADPOWER says:

    Hello all!
    From Zidon it have to be something like it!just amazing!This is the scenary that was missing,this is way my idea of map was the canyon as well.Nicelly done,so well put together a real joy. I got lost!:)being unpredicatble is the all joy of it…nice work Zidon!
    one done side for me…2 accually…the mods and a bit too much cloacking.we clean steal don`t see nothing, and for a second time play get`s arsh so many cloacks.Perhaps you could do a non cloack version?:)but rather then that is awesome,one of the best i`ve seen…with, chalenges and mud cleverlly placed etc
    thanks to the man!;)

  2. no107064 says:

    WTF ? ? ? ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ this is my map … I have my sign in the Middle of left side of map picture ๐Ÿ˜€ ???

  3. no107064 says:

    for MADPOWER: all my maps have much cloacks, because cloaking are in interesing places and its scouting challenge.

  4. Lord of the Rings says:

    Is the map for Legacy version only or already convertet to the new stable 4.2.15?

  5. dose that truck in the screenshots come with it

  6. Spin tires, spin says:

    This is an excellent map. I have to say as well that too much cloaking but other than the cloak issue the map is excellent.

  7. Juraj7945 says:

    Best map I ve ever seen.excelent job from THE author.keep up great work.
    Chlapi ta mapa je proste dokonala.A so Zidonovimy Taterkami je to uplny top!!!
    Po vasom- smekam klobouk

  8. MADPOWER says:

    Wow…sorry not Zidon,107064…i was wondering why he had sign n107064…now i know;)

    Very well mate, very well,do you have more of your own?:)
    I earlier complain about cloacks, yes they are a lot, but sure they are in cool places and worth discovering,a real joy!
    another thing was me complaining about have mods and i was not seing them and i fought to do so it would have rewriten one of my trucks…but i guess not,probably just in this map.I was loking for 8*8 tatra but is 6*6 also cool with lifting bucket and loads of stones:)

    • CannasaurusX says:

      If you’re looking for the Tatra 8×8 you’ll want to download that from here:

      There are no modded vehicles in this map so all the vehicles you see in the screenshots apart from the uaz are mods that No107064 has enabled in that session.

      Once you have the Tatra you can choose which vehicle it overwrites too by renaming the xml in Classes/Trucks.

      • no107064 says:

        I never rewriting original vehicles … – >

        • MADPOWER says:

          Oh now i see how you enable new vehicles…it`s nice feature, i remember they used to say that more then 5 or so was too heavy…now you found way…sorry i don`t have facebook(by option)
          could not see better. good if you like to stay on one map doing stuff after decloacked. Or else i see it as desavanteg…i explain:)
          sure is nice not to substitute original vehicles, but normally the author of map has think of a way for you to play is map and overcame is chalenges…this mess it all up! start with uaz and need to discover all map to know were kraz is to load logs…well if i have all vehicles already in map…is a bit like cheating
          cheating =less chalenging=less rewarding fun

          but for sure a very handy tool…(to use with caucion):]
          this is all news to me cause i don`t belong in forum either;)

  9. MADPOWER says:

    Hey Hein…haven`t you update the Tatra by Zidon and Arraial?
    I still get the black square and windows…i saw yours is fine…something wrong with me?could be…or you forget to change it after fix?:) i hope, i find the process very confusing!

    • says:

      The process is not confusing imho. Read carefully and I think you will succeed!

      • MADPOWER says:

        well if you share the work you have done…perhaps i would see better what has changed to fix the textures.You asked for help,and i`m asking you for help,so i can help you again….or you`re not in the mood of sharing?:)
        sorry “imho” you lost me,meaning?

        • says:

          imho = In My Humble Opinion

          If you follow these instructions to the letter then you should be able to convert trucks/cars into the newer xml and file name standards. Kraku has been doing it the same way. I really do not see how i can make this manuall more user friendly but i am open to suggestions ๐Ÿ™‚

          • MADPOWER says:


            what i wanted, was for you, to post the “fixed” Tatra, instead of making us wave all the trouble, if you have it done already…
            I really don`t see the point…but that`s mho:)

            Just saying…not meaning that your instrucions are not well done…
            thanks any way Hein

          • says:

            Can’t expect me to do all the work ๐Ÿ™‚ Thankfully the tatra is now updated thanks to Kaku.

  10. MADPOWER says:

    Of course not:)…and i know you already have a lot…usually things here work well, and i know we owe it to you as well!

    Wow good thing someone did it…it`s the first mod i will put in game.
    Until now it was only my reworks…this is why i`m not so confortable with the all fixing process…looking to be more into it from now.
    Thanks for the tip!;)

  11. MADPOWER says:

    ahh so cool this Tatra:)…just a strange drag wheels effect even when all wheel drive is engaged…
    But i found a fix for it…or better said…i did fix for it:)
    also the orange lights can not be seen from all angles(also fixed)
    and put it a frontal exhaust as well…some adjustments in sounds and thats it.what a cool mod!
    I could share the fix,but still had to talk to zidon
    Drive safe all:)

  12. Bugum says:

    when playing mp , as soon as someone grabs the tatra we crash out but game woorks fine in single player . Any thoughts ?

    • says:

      No clue sorry

    • MADPOWER says:

      probablly the moded truck as no mp feature

    • MADPOWER says:

      Just realise that my preferable maps are all from same author….abandon mines and canyon…
      thank you 107064 for all your good work…i loved the iglo tent…that might be handy, in some nice spots:)
      Big roads, good variety, elevations, and well placed chalenges
      Also there is a fine map,only a shame to be small but very good (the brooks)is author is Vasil i think(russian names are hard to memorize)…i`m looking forward to hear from this guy…

      please forgive me if your the author of the 2 or 3 most recent maps posted here…i haven`t downloaded or even check on those yet


  13. woody says:

    Played this map multiplayer with a friend. As soon as one of us jumps into the Tatra, the map crashes and kicked us both out.

  14. billbertking1 says:

    It says it’s unknown format and/or damaged. Is something with the ZIP?

  15. Brandon Burgess says:

    does this map support mp?

  16. TOMBUGGY says:

    best map ,i canged tatra for kraz dumper

  17. Jerod says:


  18. no107064 says:

    Canyon map without tatra 148 for MP

  19. Tomas says:

    where do i put the texture folder???:)

  20. peter says:

    NICE MAP! One question though, where are the tents? Been looking for ages…

  21. B9driver says:

    When using the Canyon Map, I’m having a problem with lumber – when I get my truck and trailer into the yard, I can’t see any lumber even though the area is highlighted in red.
    The only items that can be loaded are “Kirpich, Load Huge Rocks and Load Rocks” .

    I find with other maps, I can see the lumber i the yard, but the “Load” drop down menu only gives me the above load options.

    Please help, many thanks

    • says:

      Try reinstalling the game. Sounds like you got mods installed which mess up the game. Steam client, game properties , delete local content. Then remove content from media folder. Then reinstall.

  22. B9driver says:

    Apparently its due to a rock mod I installed – I’ve been told to completely uninstall the whole mod……

    Right ho, here goes……

  23. connor80 says:

    I love this map, GREAT JOB!!! However, I spent my entire afternoon yesterday exploring it and finished this evening. I loved the canyon driving and routes through the forests. After unlocking the second garage, I set up the Ural to haul logs (crane attached). I drive up to the loading point and discovered I could not load the regular in game logs for the medium log trailer. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank You.

  24. Moggz says:

    Playing this map at the moment and really enjoying it. Big map that’s taken me about 6 and a half hours to uncloak, unlock all the trucks and open the second garage. Now there’s a lot of logs to move!

    There are great tracks on this map, tricky turns, nasty ditches, muddy holes, steep climbs, barely driven pathways and hidden places. Good selection of trucks too, but well hidden!

    Only slight thing, is that one of the vehicles seems to be a 6×6 Tatra T148. I’m assuming it has missing textures on the panels as the cab just looks plain black. Also by default is seems to be for carrying stone, for which there are no load/delivery points in the game that I’m aware of, so I don’t see the point of that really. I like the fact the map seems to have a mod truck that doesn’t replace existing trucks though, that’s great!

    In conclusion, one of the best maps!

    As an off-topic side note – the inability to right-click on this website is an example of evil-web-design and is infuriating. To open a link from a comment in a new tab, I have to click the link, copy the url from this tab, open a new tab, paste the url into that tab then come back to this tab and navigate back one page. For goodness sake just enable the context-menu and don’t break the way browsers are designed. It’s really bad practice. Otherwise, brilliantly organised website and fantastic resource. So many thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Moggz says:

      Aha, I just discovered you can left-click and drag any link or image from the page into a new Chrome tab to open it in a new window, so that solves the open-link-in-new-tab problem. Still, why?!

    • says:

      Offtopic answer. The right click was disabled because some other fansites were copying my post word for word. By simply copying the text and pasting them into their posts. This was the only way to stop them besides making the whole site members only. So yes it may be a nuisance but it does protect my work a little bit ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Moggz says:

        That sucks that people were copying your work. They’re not really allowed to do that without at the very least crediting and linking back to your site as a source. I guess constantly searching for the rip-offs and then getting in touch with them is a pain and making the site members only would seem a shame too.

        Anyway, appreciate the answer, and again, thanks for keeping up with this site – it really is the most awesome Spintires resource and the way you put your posts together is great ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Blackwater_CA says:

    Zidon, this map looks great man, good job. This is probably one of the best maps i have seen just by looking at the map image (.dds)…good amount of detail alot of people leave out.


  26. Ondล™ej says:

    This map looks so good!! Maybe one of the best maps ever. But why there arent any logs kios? Just lumber for noob players :D.. Why?? Because of this it is unplayable in hardcore mod ๐Ÿ™ Can, or do you have a will to do something with it? Please? ๐Ÿ™‚

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