Map – Brooks

Author: Dmitry Shipitsin

Decent size map with a lot of room for exploring. And also, and this i like a lot, new objects like a actual hangar with a fuel point inside. All adding to the realism of the game. Nice job Dmitry!

Level Brooks Latest Stable
Level Brooks Latest Stable
101 MiB

Latest stable by: King Unique


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8 Responses to Map – Brooks

  1. Denis Frenette says:

    hi , i can’t get this map to work, i’m using the program to load it. Thanks

  2. MADPOWER says:

    Hello all!
    I was just playing the “brooks map” and got out, cause i had to drop by to tell you guys this…
    what an amazing map, lots of rivers, lots of roads, with so many attencion to detail.All with Original Quality…believe me!one of the best maps ever!
    Along with the mpqla by Honda, that i will comment next was one of the bests i`ve seen.
    Thanks a lot Dmitry
    side note:@Dennis Frennete,needless to say that i`m unhappy you can`t load this map…but put the content of media folder in the maching folders of your media folder”C:programs/steam/common/spintires/…”choose replace…do the same to levels files.into maching folders on your media.see forum for more help

    • Denis Frenette says:

      ok i thing i found my reason why it din’t work , i din’t use the right folder wen i unzip there are 2 folders with names i cant read.
      working now

  3. TOMBUGGY says:

    masive bugs on drenagepipe.
    the com out and destr.truck
    lagacy,no mods
    sorry for my bad englisch
    i can send video for analyse


  4. wayne says:

    when i cross over the gutters in the road they glitch and come flying out which cause damage to the truck. please fix if it is the game or maybe i did something wrong when i installed it

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