Map – Blackwater Raceway

Author: Blackwater
Source: Oovee

To be used in Legacy mode or latest stable version (9-3-2015)

This is the must have map for those who just want to race around corners real fast, aka Nascar in the dirt ;). It is not  big but has lots of opportunities to plow your truck into a truck or rock and fly high over the water when you aim that jump just right. Excellent map for a race day!

It is recommended to downloaded the racepack here for optimal fun!

If you like what you see then please consider a small donation for my work on this map.

Level Blackwater Raceway Latest Stable
Level Blackwater Raceway Latest Stable
level_Blackwater Raceway_latest_stable.7z
7.1 MiB
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8 Responses to Map – Blackwater Raceway

  1. CannasaurusX says:

    Another excellent by Blackwater, a much different way of playing Spintires.

    Use JSGME mod enabling program, get yourself the Baja racepack & go race your friends in multiplayer.

    4 Player race:

  2. MuddyWaters says:

    This map and the associated race pack is the most fun I have had with Spintires in a long time. A must have for sure.

  3. BahamutX says:

    nice map,there a level editer at oovee’s forum so you can play it on the stable v16.01.15 and it works:)

  4. david says:

    the race pack link is a dead one

  5. Logan says:

    I need help how do u get the map to work it don’t show up

    • says:

      You download the file and then extract it. The cope the files into the media folder of your spin tires install.

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