Map – Blackwater Canyon

Map: Blackwater_CA
87 Jeep Yj   by SID with 1 beacon addon by BruteTerror  (Supervisor Truck)
Peterbilt 379 With custom addons as well as stock by BruteTerror (Log Truck)
Chevy Regular cab Dually With 5 addons by BruteTerror (Repair Truck)

All Addons work in MP

A map is so much more interesting if is themed (take note map makers out there). This map is called the Blackwater Canyon and it is basically a very challenging logging map. You get to choose between three vehicles from the Blackwater Logging Company. A supervisor jeep to scout the map, a Chevy dually for scouting/repair work and a big Peterbilt to do the real logging with. Remember that series from Discovery Channel about swamp loggers who log where no one else dares too? This is the same idea. Blackwater Logging Company goes logging where all others dare not go. Have fun!

* 18-1-16 update
Map now available for latest_stable and legacy

If you like what you see then please consider a small donation for my work on this map.

Level Blackwater Canyon With Trucks Legacy
Level Blackwater Canyon With Trucks Legacy
Level_Blackwater Canyon With Trucks_legacy.7z
138.6 MiB

Level Blackwater Canyon Latest Stable
Level Blackwater Canyon Latest Stable
66.9 MiB

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