Map – Blackwater Canyon

Map: Blackwater_CA
87 Jeep Yj   by SID with 1 beacon addon by BruteTerror  (Supervisor Truck)
Peterbilt 379 With custom addons as well as stock by BruteTerror (Log Truck)
Chevy Regular cab Dually With 5 addons by BruteTerror (Repair Truck)

All Addons work in MP

A map is so much more interesting if is themed (take note map makers out there). This map is called the Blackwater Canyon and it is basically a very challenging logging map. You get to choose between three vehicles from the Blackwater Logging Company. A supervisor jeep to scout the map, a Chevy dually for scouting/repair work and a big Peterbilt to do the real logging with. Remember that series from Discovery Channel about swamp loggers who log where no one else dares too? This is the same idea. Blackwater Logging Company goes logging where all others dare not go. Have fun!

* 18-1-16 update
Map now available for latest_stable and legacy

If you like what you see then please consider a small donation for my work on this map.

Level Blackwater Canyon With Trucks Legacy
Level Blackwater Canyon With Trucks Legacy
Level_Blackwater Canyon With Trucks_legacy.7z
139 MiB

Level Blackwater Canyon Latest Stable
Level Blackwater Canyon Latest Stable
66.9 MiB

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135 Responses to Map – Blackwater Canyon

  1. Trenton Williamson says:


  2. blackwater_CA says:

    First off, I want to be the first to post here. Second? Thank you for downloading the map. Thanks to BruteTerror & Spun for putting together the trucks and skins for the map. Thanks to those who helped me test this and provide feedback/ideas. Enjoy

    • Danieldan5152 says:

      I’m up for any tests man I have played on all your maps and maybe all the maps on this server.

    • damien says:

      This map is diiiiiiirty!!! thanks for this map i’ve been busy all day trying to figure out where to begin haha. just about to unlock the second garage now so it should get interesting. NOTE it took me a good 6 tries before i got near it with the garage trailers. awesome wheeling for a group to play on.

    • Zuriel says:

      How difficult would it be to swap the peterbilt out for the C-255 leaving the Ural 4320 in play id much prefer it to the C-255 for any work i need to get done with that class truck thanks 🙂

      • Zuriel says:

        NM i figured it out sweetest map ever thanks so much all tho took a bit to get it working. be cool to have a link for ppl to see a video on how to install this epic stuff 🙂

    • Keith says:

      Hey can you add your Pete 379 to the Steam Workshop please and thank you, I love the shit out of it, we need some more Merica trucks on here.

  3. IIXxzenonxXII says:

    Can’t believe it’s out been waiting for this one, thanks Blackwater, thanks Spun, thanks Brute and thanks Hein for hosting this and posting it on your site.

  4. HUsoldier says:

    best map ever

  5. derek says:

    in the process of playing this map and so far its freakin awesome.. great map and trucks love the detail that you guys put into all these..

    cant wait for what you,brute, and SID have in store down the road…

    • Blackwater_CA says:

      Thanks man, I cant wait for the next map release either. I’m already working on something, but I may end up starting something completely new. who knows

  6. Sorcerer says:

    I like how it specifies “with trucks”, like anyone would want a version without them!

  7. Cooter Ray says:

    Cheers for this. Can’t wait to jam it.

  8. JP says:

    This is by far the best map I have played so far.
    The map is very well thought out and extremely challenging. I am hooked :).

    Thanks for releasing this great map.

  9. Randy says:

    I just got all excited… Can’t wait to play this one!

  10. Just me says:

    Hello. Please help me and tell me what am i missing? I loaded up the game, used mod tool and then alt tabbed back. I don’t see the map. I even cleared the cache and the game version is 13 04 15. Am I missing something out?

  11. blackwater_CA says:

    Your mod folder is probably setup incorrectly. should be..

    MODS/”blackwater canyon”/media/….. nothing more nothing less

  12. TomAACB says:

    massive thanks goes out to Blackwater Brute and Spun for the best upload for Spintires yet, love it!!

  13. Jason says:

    I realy love this map guys u have outdone yer self’s with map and vehicles A+++++++

  14. jacmac45 says:

    is it legacy capadable if not plz make it it just loads and then takes me to home screen whith blank ok box

  15. richard says:

    how do you install a latest stable map with windows 8

  16. John says:

    Blackwater, your maps are fantastic! Thank you for releasing this! I’ve been looking forward to it since I first read about it and I was not disappointed. Great work!

  17. Branson says:

    hey guys, everytime i download a map and try to play the map it a little grey box appears and says ok. ive tried everything and i just cant get it to work. any ideas? i am using the JSGME mod enabler

    • Ivan says:

      You have to be in stable version not beta for this map… switch by going to steam and properties of Spintires. Worked for me

  18. jracer says:

    it dosent work online for me how can i fix it

  19. Andrew says:

    Hey guys I must say, I love this map, its hands down the best map I’ve played :), I was wondering, is it possible to tone down the exhaust on the ole pete, or turn it off with the xml? not too sure how to do it, but the amount of smoke makes my little ole laptop slow down some haha, preciate the feedback, love the map guys, keep it up

  20. awesome251 says:

    I have one issue that i cant seem to debug. Im trying to play the map with my friends, they can use the peterbuilt just fine but once i get in it there game freezes. I have tried everything but it wont let me use the truck in multiplayer. Any help is appreciated.

  21. Koon says:

    If I don’t want the trucks that come with the map do I just skip them and not download them. I want the BF 68 Ford F-200, I think it is better made for a nice map like this.

    • Danieldan5152 says:

      Just install them over the files of the one’s the map replaces, use the mod enabler then first do the map then the trucks you want to play with it’ll say some files have already been altered just say yes if it pops up then you should be fine

  22. Shawn says:

    I love this gmt400 dually Chevy pickup. Love it! i can see by the files that maybe we might get crew cab or extended cab in future? awesome work for sure.

  23. Danieldan5152 says:

    Love the short cuts he put in

  24. Danieldan5152 says:

    I finished the map with the H3 Limo no fuel backup since it makes the multiplayer game crash I had a bit help from a raakry moddified with the IFS Raptor Gears. We just to the shortcuts… tuff road pics of some progress started taking to late so it’s near the end. And just for more fun we didn’t unlock any garages we fell over a few times but survived Pics in next post

  25. Erik says:

    Do i need to use the legacy version to use the map?

  26. sasquatchJr99 says:

    I have downloaded this and installed it correctly and its great but the gmc and the peter-built do not show up. The yj works fine but on every other map the zil does not show up either. Any help??

  27. jack says:

    i am having trouble installing i am getting an error that says Level_Blackwater_Canyon-file either missing/broken can you help me

  28. marlible says:

    make the dually in the game without a map attached please

  29. MADPOWER says:

    Looking very good matte!challenging but not so tight as “el bosque bravo”.Man you really toke a step further on the ladder!;)
    keep it up!

  30. SemiproSk8r says:

    I’m kinda new to installing mods. I can do the vehicles but how do i install this map? And how am i able to open the .7z? when i click it, it shows a white page, not a zip folder.

  31. alien_boss says:

    do I need to get WinRAR to open the file??

  32. Parker says:

    Dose this map work on multiplayer?

  33. Parker says:

    this mod does not work in multiplayer

  34. Mr_Pie says:

    can I have a .zip version?

  35. Wilkkis says:

    Is there any change to load Peterbilt with short logs in the cart and medium logs in the trailer?

    …and thanks for the awesome map.

  36. Blackwater_CA says:

    Thanks again to everyone, as I post this, we stand at 4,405 downloads only from this site. Thats amazing, appreciate it.

  37. Parker says:

    why cant I play multiplayer on this map can someone help me plz

  38. Logan_86 says:

    how do u install 7z file maps

  39. brennan says:

    I cant get it to work online I don’t know why is there a video somewhere that I can watch and figure this problem out?

  40. aaron says:

    great map as always blackwater really like the way you make four wheelers ttc tanktrap realistic awesome map

  41. dakota says:

    when i download it and go to play it it tells me the file is either missing or broken. help?

  42. Trevor says:

    Butte Falls, OR on the side of the trucks, Like 30 minutes from where I live. Awesome addition to the game man!

  43. austin says:

    why wont it let me download the map

  44. Shawn says:

    how do i get this mod to work on JSGME? i can not get it to work and i really enjoy your maps please help

  45. kevin_offroader4321 says:

    hi this map looks awesome however whenever i try and download it it downloads it as a .7z file pls help!!

  46. Wade says:

    I cant use the map, every time I download it I comes up as a 7z file. Why is this? I want to play on it 🙁

    • says:

      7 is a better compression. You do know how to use Google?

    • Sterling says:

      7zip is a file format.. you can either download the free tool that will unlock them.. “just google it” or this site has a link if you sear for it.. Or, if you have google chrome, and a google drive, you can upload the 7zip file there, and google drive has a program that will convert it to a regular zip file..

  47. Wade says:

    If I download from google it will come up with a folder?

  48. brennan says:

    when i put the media file in with the other media file and start the game it says the game files are different to the normal one so multiplayer is disabled? help

  49. Wade says:

    I downloaded it and it works! Thanks! Just one more thing I try to go onto multiplayer and it says its disabled. How do I fix this and still play on canyon?

  50. Gideon says:

    great map thanks! which files do I need to remove to remove the addon vehicles?

  51. Dopefishc1 says:

    Hey, yeah the maps are awesome, but i have the same MP- mp-problem here.

    re-installed, cleared cache, have anybody a solution for this?

  52. brandon says:

    the off road park and serious map works but blk water canyon is giving me the missing or broken or old version message I added the level to levels added the map and copied the media folder don’t know why Im having problems

  53. Markus says:

    Fantastic package all around. Was having some problems getting it to work at first but a completely clean install and then using JSGME got it working. Keep up the great work and i’m looking forward to your next release.

  54. hunter tilson says:

    i have tried several different things to get this map to run and as far as i know all my files are in the right spot but i cant get it to work i get the broken or missing file message when i go to play it but its only with this map.

  55. DiCE1904 says:

    Just here to comment, I played this map today with 2 other random dudes on multiplayer. It was a blast!

    Thank you very much for this. Cant wait for other ones

  56. Zuriel says:

    Could you please explain how to install this map/mod. so many have mods slightly different IE just a map or a map with cars/trucks such as this one how do i install this ?

    I wish every mod had specific instructions on How to install , what version is needed and or Legacy or not Multiplayer compatable or not ect. cause some are zipped some arnt some need to stay that way some dont? like Farming simulator? IDK would be nice if it was most clear. Every one i know this is just a mystery cause if i look Up how to i get 5 different methods and none seem to work. I have steam version FULL version and of course have Legacy option .. wish to multi player w son on more challenging maps then standard thanks for any help 🙂

    • says:

      Mods (trucks,car etc) are in need of the latest game version. Same goes for maps. Most if not all maps on this site are for the latest game version. So get rid of that legacy version and load up the latest version.
      All mods and maps on this site are zipped (7zip format 7z). Just unzip and place the files in the correct folder. I added just now two YouTube videos which explain how to clear cache and install mods. Installing mods and maps is pretty much the same process. Download a mod or map. Place the unzipped files in the Media (Folder).

      • hashblunts420 says:

        Would you mind posting a link to these videos? I have been having troubles with getting the map to work with multiplayer, and seeing how many people are playing online successfully, I feel i must be doing something wrong here lol. No troubles with evanscreek or NW Trails though, but I didn’t need the custom files for those maps to work.

  57. Proxmental says:

    i have downloaded this map and have been wanting to play but when i put it into my spintires folder it doesnt show up on the game???

  58. DatRandomGuy132 says:

    I love this map! Where did you get the program to create the map? I would love to make maps of my own.

  59. shahd says:

    Does this map work on demo ?

  60. Zach says:

    I have downloaded the map and extracted it properly and I still cant get it to work, can anyone help?

  61. hunter says:

    i tried all this and just get the broken message like all these comments 🙁 I think im doing everything right

    • Zuriel says:

      Are you using JSGME (JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler)? If not I HIGHLY recommend it I have 15 or more maps and twice as many vehicle mods and all works great once you figure it out. The enabler makes it easy to keep track of and switch mods easily. Plus it has a reset so if you do get foweled up you can have it restore your Spintires directory as it was in the snap shot you can have it take (IE. clean install of Spintires SNAPSHOT) to restore to.
      Again I can try n help always looking for other Spintire players on steam. zurielamat

    • Zuriel says:

      Make sure your file strucures look like this:
      C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Spintires\MODS\Blackwater Canyon With Trucks\media…

      Not this:
      C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Spintires\MODS\Blackwater Canyon With Trucks\Blackwater Canyon With Trucks\media…

      Which can happen depending on how it was extracted.
      Some times the result is MAP NAME folder… then all the media files like (classes, levels, meshes, sounds, strings, templates, textures) ect.
      In such a case you should make a NEW folder in the MAP NAME folder and name it media and put all the other files and folder inside that new media folder you made. Same is true with vehicles mods.
      The differences are that some modders package there mods in different ways. Some expect us to copy the mod files over game files. ect. So when useing this JSGME mode enabler this is the structure to use. I have 72 mods and have no issues runing any of them with regards to file structure is concerned. hope this helps .. the JSGME download can be found at
      I think if adopted this obviously superior method of implementing mods every one involved could benefit the program even has a snap shot feature to be able to restore your Spintires directory to its original clean instal if things should get mucked up SO I request a test drive of the JSGME for recommendation, and use and download available here on 🙂
      Smiling at you moderator!

      • says: is only here for providing a download service to all these great maps. Unfortunately due to time restrictions i cannot dive into the world of JSGME.

        But if you fancy writing up a killer tutorial, with pictures, then go right ahead and email me the result to info[at]

  62. Nick says:

    Really would like to see the peterbuilt in the most current version. This in the works?

  63. Zach says:

    is there a way to use the latest version in mp?

  64. does this work on the new version? cause i cant get it to work ?

    • says:

      It should, works on my laptop.

      • codymullen55 says:

        what steps need to be taken to copy these files on the newest version? i copied the files in the levels folder over, but not sure what else needs to be done. any help would be greatly appreciated!

  65. Falkonna says:

    “File level_blackwater_canyon_latest_stable.7z not found!” when clicking on the download link.

    I tried this map once before but noticed the log kiosk does not work on hardcore mode, is it possible to fix?

  66. pease says:

    there is no download links

  67. Marek says:

    I just downloaded that map, its a great map thank you.
    But i have problem with, i cant see any loggs loading points did anybody know what dis happening plese?
    Im usig newest version of game.

    Thanx for any replays

  68. Marek says:

    I downloaded that map 2 days ago and i want to say great thanx fot it.

    but i got a problem with displaing and workink logs points, I cant find any solution to fix this. Did anyone know why that happens?
    Im using newest version of game and stable version blackwater map.

    Great Thanx for any help

  69. Nick says:

    How can we get the one on the trucks working with the newest version?

  70. fourbyfour says:

    been successful in loading most of the maps on here so far, still having issue with this though. I can choose vehicles and all but im getting the missing or broken error.

  71. White Wolf says:

    Hey There,
    I downloaded the latest stable version, but it still doesnt work.

    1,I tried to copy only the files from the level folder ( into my SP media/level folder ), then it sais components missing or older version. -doesnt load the map.

    2, I tried copying every other file beside the levels into my SP media folder, then it sais the game version is older-Multiplayer is disabled…

    3, I tried to rename the file, doesnt work either.

    I am open for any suggestions to see ohw I can make this work. Its one of my favourite maps and would love to use it in MP.
    I am using the updated version of Spintires ( not the legacy ).

    Hope someone can help,

    Cheers, WW

  72. John Doe says:

    Falkonna asked this earlier, but didn’t get a reply, so I will ask it again. The hardcore mode doesn’t seem to have any log kiosks and therefore objectives are not doable. Is there any workaround for this or fixes coming any time soon?

  73. Blackwater says:

    Unfortunately I do not have any files related to spintires maps anymore, So i wouldnt be able to make this simple change….

    Sorry guys!

    Thanks for still playing my maps tho,

  74. David Piercy says:

    Blackwater_CA what do you use to make your mod maps? I really hate the spintires editor. thank you.

  75. nick says:

    what is the authorization required for all my friends have not had this it wants a username and password so i can download the map what do i need to type in HELP PLEASE 20

  76. Jay McDonald says:

    i have this downloaded and it says missing or broken file or for an older version i used 7zip and had a modder put the files in the correct place and still doesnt work

  77. Keith Paddison says:

    Hey, I’ve played about 16 hours in hardcore and unlocked the second garage, but I can’t find any logs to load up with. Can you help please?

  78. Jehty says:

    how can i add the trucks in the latest stable version?

  79. Thommaehh says:

    awesome map, we had a lot of fun playing it, but i have ONE question.. WHERE´S THE WOOD ?? We didn´t find a single one to carry

  80. Blackwater says:

    Again people, thank you for enjoying my map…I had fun making and playing it, GOOD LUCK!!!!

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