Map – Birch Woods

Author: A High Hamster
Source: Oovee

Another AHH map. With some really nice scenery among which a nice waterfall crossing a path which has a vertical drop next to it. Excellent map for the more skilled driver. A good challenge in hardcore mode. Tip: do NOT try and take a shortcut down the waterfall. It. Does. Not. End. Well.

To be used in Legacy mode.

Level Birch Woods Latest Stable
Level Birch Woods Latest Stable
level_Birch Woods_latest_stable.7z
109 MiB
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27 Responses to Map – Birch Woods

  1. Mr Robert Joseph Meek says:

    Error 403 Do not have permission to file when trying to download

  2. ATF says:

    I’m getting a 403 error message when trying to download…

  3. wayne says:

    download link does now work. tells me that i do not have permission to access this document

  4. Sorbet6170 says:

    I like the actual gas station, and “overgrown feel” of this map. What is the MAZ used here?

    • jetfox says:

      tatra 813 great truck, mine is a newer version on spin tires mods, the one on this site no offense to the modders did not fit well with me, it seemed lighter then it should, and not as powerful. the newer one has those two things fixed as far as i’m concerned, it seems heavier and is a brute when it comes to raw power. though the idling sound takes a bit of getting used to.

      • MADPOWER says:

        i use idle sound from maz2…as long as the start dound…fits very well, cause is the stongest in game.Also did give it a bit power:)and stoped litlle cabin orange lights to be seen from all angles
        You should try the maz2 sounds;)

  5. Sorbet6170 says:

    I like the actual gas station, and “overgrown feel” of this map. What is the MAZ-like truck used here?

  6. Trenton420 says:

    This map has an actual gas station! Pretty cool map, haven’t even finished exploring. More like this would be fantastic!

  7. RICHIE says:

    when I go into the map it said spintires not working I just installed the map and did the same thing

  8. RICHIE says:

    never mind I fixed it

  9. Roman says:

    All of Health! Awful Card… I don’t advise to pumping out… To the author of this map, it isn’t enough to tear off hands up to an elbow… Such feeling that the Blonde sat down for the editor… 🙂

  10. Luke says:

    Dude why are you such a nice person?!?!
    It’s so nice of you to upload all these things it must take you so long.
    Keep up the great work mate!!

  11. Richie Perrine says:

    is the latest stable 4/13/15

  12. NOOBS GAMER says:

    What name yellow vehicle, btw?

  13. xandermunnal says:

    it is called the semari

  14. Chris says:

    I know it says “to be used in legacy mode” in the instructions but I noticed that the filename was “latest stable” so I tried it in the latest (which is 03.03.16 for me). It doesn’t work, but in a rather strange way – the available trucks list shows no trucks in it at all and when I hit “start game” it says “can’t load level”. Anyone else experiencing this same thing? Does it really only work in Legacy despite the filename?

    • says:

      I recently mass updated all the maps. I think that post is still on the frontpage. Anyway.. all the maps that are in the latest_stable folder on my server are available for the latest_stable version. I’ll double check this one. Could not do that at the time of the converting. Thanks for reporting this!

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