Map – Billy Goat

Author: Minitor

This is a nice map if you like twisty, narrow, steep, banked, rocky roads to try your lumber transport skills on. Not a big map but it offers hours of fun to test your driving skills on!

** Update 28-5-2015 : The level files were somehow misfiring. The author has taken the time and effort to recheck retighten en rebolt every bit and byte. The map now works on my system, freshly installed ST. So, it should work on your system as well. Have fun!

Level Billy Goat Latest Stable
Level Billy Goat Latest Stable
26.1 MiB
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12 Responses to Map – Billy Goat

  1. awesome251 says:

    I goto play on the map and spintires closes when i start the map.

    • says:

      Works for me. Make sure you are running the latest stable and just to ge sure clear your cache.

      • awesome251 says:

        I cleared the cache and i am running the latest stable but no matter what it still crashes when starting the map. Its like something on the map is conflicting with another object and the moment i start the map it tries to load that then its starts conflicting then crashes cause it cant take the conflict.

  2. Sasquatch says:

    This causes a fatal error with the latest version even with a clean, unmodified package. The application closes due to an exception.

  3. connor80 says:

    I also downloaded this map. I emptied my mods folder and put the map in alone. I then cleared the cached files. I tried to load the map and it made my game crash. Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank You

  4. Minitor says:

    Sorry about the problems with map. One of the vehicles was trying to load a mod. No more problems should arise but, if they do load the RealMod from Pressure Line and it will work.

  5. Chris says:

    Great logging map! This would be a great next step for people who are fed up with the stock maps or finding them a bit too easy. Lots of trail choices, each with their own challenges, and some really interesting routes. Some great scenery and well-laid out models. Definitely doable with the standard Russian trucks but I might advise against taking a trailer, at least for the first load!

    Not too many trucks unlocked at the start (which is good!). Only thing I’d suggest as an improvement would be some cloaking to add a bit of exploring fun, and some log kiosks for the hardcore fans. In hardcore mode this would actually be a pretty challenging map – we played it with three people in multiplayer and probably rescued every truck at least once!

  6. Chase says:

    i cant get it to work it says file old missing or broken

  7. isaach says:

    it wont let me download it, it says i need a password and username?

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