Map – Beta

Author: Rinat Ibragimov

Small map with one thing that is pretty obvious. It has roads that are not ment for your everyday vehicle. This map needs big trucks with big tires if you want to be able to transport logs or move around at all. Mud roads with rocks in them make going anywhere a chore. Nice map for the mud lovers 😉

Latest stable by: King Unique

Level Beta Latest Stable
Level Beta Latest Stable
19.8 MiB

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5 Responses to Map – Beta

  1. irg1990 says:

    Correct the author!
    Author: Rinat Ibragimov
    And the author of the map “Ostrov” Karabash 74

  2. Shawn says:

    Not sure where to ask this. as any modders yet to make traffic signs? like stop, steep grade, deep river crossing? i been trying to think of how i could make them myself. thank you for any help.

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