Map – Bax 3

Author: Dmitry Sinitsyn

Ok. Number 3 in the Bax sage. And it is situated in a wet forest with tracks that are muddy and nearly impossible to drive on without difflock. Very challenging logging map this with all its mud and wet tracks. I did not get very far but this map looks to be very promising to those seeking a challenge.

Level Bax 3 Latest Stable
Level Bax 3 Latest Stable
level_Bax 3_latest_stable.7z
145 MiB
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3 Responses to Map – Bax 3

  1. AverageJoe63 says:

    bridge building is stupid!

  2. Bolotovo says:

    Great map! Is there any way to get the garages unlocked as there is no truck with a garage addon and 4 four garage points?
    Or how can i mod a truck so that it carries garage points?

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