Map – Bax 1

Author: Dmitry Sinitsyn

This is an interesting map for the more experienced users. It features custom objects and many challenges in the way the terrain is layed out. There is a kamaz on the map with a trailer to unlock the garage.

Level Bax 1 Latest Stable
Level Bax 1 Latest Stable
106 MiB
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9 Responses to Map – Bax 1

  1. Next_Gen_LAnce says:

    Why cant i install any maps with mods in them? It shows on the map screen that it is there, but when i click on it it there is just an empty box and it dosent load.
    Can Anyone Please Help Me?????

    • says:

      The map works for prerunner and all. Try if reinstalling the game works for you.

    • Sterling says:

      Map works fine for me.. Sometimes you need to clear your Cache, or just re-install the game..

      Just FYI.. The lumber yards don’t work for some reason. I also couldn’t find any self-loading places either.. There is one of those bridges that use logs to make/cross and I figured I could pull some logs from that, and self load.. but when I do, I drop to 1 frame per second and it won’t let me load no matter how many times I click the green dots.. It’s probably something to do with the lumber just not working on the map.

  2. Fp says:

    Run the mod updater on this map and the lumber yards will work.

  3. MADPOWER says:

    oh boy…i was about to DL…looking very good?

    Perhaps author forgot to put “locators”
    Not having at least one lumber”auto”, you can not “autoload”…just hope this info reaches author 😉

  4. Jan Kristiansen says:

    I uncloked all the cloaks, but cant see any garagetrailer anywhere.
    So cant unlock the garages.
    Its a greate map to drive around on, but thats all i can.
    No garage = no lumber, as only truck that can take logs are the small blue one, but its broken.

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