Map – B1

Author: Zenia Luzgin

Don’t judge a map by it’s name they say. And this is a good example. A good map with some challenges in the form of muddy roads and a big watercrossing section.

Latest stable by: King Unique

Level B1 Latest Stable
Level B1 Latest Stable
32.8 MiB

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2 Responses to Map – B1

  1. Joseph says:

    Everything being pretty much in sections makes this map more of a pain than an enjoyable one.

  2. Sasquatch says:

    This map was obviously intended to be humorous… There is no tolerance for short-cutting or speed anywhere and each path winds as far as possible with no winch points in any relevant direction. The suicide jump is hilarious and don’t attempt to roll down the side or your truck will fall through the map!

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