Map – Albi, WA ORV

Author: MoeRon

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Big thanks,
SID for testing and feedback.
Serious for testing and feedback along with adjusting XML’s to make the map proper.
blackwater_CA for helping me get started.

Albi, WA ORV is the name of the map.
Staring vehicles are uaz, zil, ural, kraz, and kamaz(this one is just to unlock second garage)
It is just a trail map and is not recommended for stock vehicles unless you wanna use your winch lots.

If you like my maps consider making a donation. Thanks, MoeRon.

Level Albi WA ORV Latest Stable
Level Albi WA ORV Latest Stable
34.8 MiB
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53 Responses to Map – Albi, WA ORV

  1. Karolis says:

    The map looks really cool, but not sure what to do there… Freeride isnt mutch fun on this map would be really nice to deliver the logs, the thing is the lumberyard and objective is at garage start. Would be nice if map makers would add one more objective in this map, delivery must :))) great map.

    • Karolis says:

      Okey my mistake this map doesnt needs logging. U will find here ultimate winching forest, by say winching i mean russian trucks doesnt fit here, need custom crawling jeeps or something. The forrest looks wild and realistic how it should be, at the first minutes i felt blackwaters engine here πŸ™‚ crawlers will love it, great work!

  2. Orma says:

    Map is lots of fun for exploring, found a bug tho.. map tries to eat you in this spot (see link).

  3. TheRedEyeJedi says:

    This map is really fun crawling jeeps and 95 chevy works great! Awesome! COUNTRY BOY REVIEWER

  4. SID says:

    Map is sick dude. You done good!!!

  5. keegan knight says:

    where can i get that rock bouncer please answer

  6. liam says:

    oh hell yeah. what a great map. stopped playing for a while but this had me going for hours. and only explored a 1/4. well done

  7. Blackwater_CA says:

    Yep, great map here. Good work dude

  8. Eric says:

    What would you recommend to download 7z ? I usually download zip files. Thanks

    Oh yeah, is this modeled after Elbi ORV ?

  9. Eric says:

    Never mind on the 7z. I downloaded the and it worked. Thanks

  10. snoman6765 says:

    map is awesome. good detail in it.. only thing i noticed was random loss of traction and small logs or sticks randomly dissapearing on the trails.

    • MoeRon says:

      Thanks man!

      Yeah these are problems I tried solving, was told it might have been because I jammed so many of the large rocks on every part of the trails on this map causing the disappearing effect on some things. And the slickness on the trail is unknown to me.

  11. UZI4U says:

    Great crawling map. Feels like competition crawling love it. Keep up the awesome work.

  12. Adam says:

    Ive tried using this map over and over again, but each time the game never picks it up. Even if I have it activated by itself it still wont even show up.

    • MoeRon (moderator) says:

      How are you adding it? Legacy or latest stable?

      • Adam says:

        I just downloaded it and unzipped it in the MOD folder for the mod enabler like I do every other mod. Ive heard alot of good things and really want to get it working lol

        • MoeRon (moderator) says:

          When you download the file it comes in a folder named “level_Albi_WA_ORV_latest_stable” and in that folder is “Albi, WA ORV” < drag this folder to your desktop, then add it to your MODS folder. So in your mods folder it should only say "Albi, WA ORV" not "level_Albi_WA_ORV_latest_stable". Give that a go πŸ˜‰

  13. bullitt says:

    is there a different way to add maps if your using WinRAR? i have been trying to add this map for a bit now and nothing is working. also does the game have to be in legacy?

  14. Andrew Froedge says:

    flipped the Blazer and 88 XJ a few times =p , very fun map …. also,stick to the trails. I tried to climb across and found a few nasty surprises lol

  15. Bongo2296 says:

    How do I install it? I’m using the legacy version of spintires but when I add this map it won’t load. I don’t use the mod enabler thingy others have mentioned.

    • says:

      You dom’t.. it does not work for the legacy version. It is why the filename is also labeled “latest version”.

      • Bongo2296 says:

        so, I switched to latest version and used the mod installer thing and it still dont work.

        • MoeRon (moderator) says:

          Make sure when using the mod enabler that the mod you are using doesn’t have a double folder. Should be Albi, WA ORV/media. Make sure it isn’t Albi, WA ORV latest stable/Albi, WA ORV/media.

          • Bongo2296 says:

            Yeah the files are in the right order, the game can see the map and I can select it in the maps list, it just won’t load. It gives the blank ok box.

          • MoeRon (moderator) says:

            Clearing your cache?

  16. Todd says:

    So far this is the best map yet that I’ve tried. It really reminds me of The Rubicon. It’s so realistic I get my hands all sweaty.

  17. Martin says:

    where can i find that monester from first picture??

  18. yodaman says:

    Albi? Did you mean to duplicate Elbe, WA? I’ve been to Elbe, WA but never heard of Albi…. Anyway, great job on the map!

    • MoeRon (moderator) says:

      Heard of elbe, but I have never been. Albi was just a local spot we had a name for. Glad you like the map. I also did my version on Evans Creek, plus a NW Trails map.

      • yodaman says:

        heck yeah! Elbe is pretty sick! It’d be cool to see some trails based on what you can find of the countless youtube videos or just go there yourself πŸ˜€ I’ve been through it in my yota, and I love it!

        Your version of NW trails and evans creek is really fun!

        Looking forward to improvements πŸ˜€

  19. jacob says:

    Ok i can get map to work in legacy but not in non legacy i have latest staple

  20. chris says:

    Great map dude, but i think you need to explane these maps are ment for custome trucks not the stock truck, these are hardcore trail maps and THEY ARE THE BEST OUT THERE.
    i see people streaming them all the time.

  21. chris says:

    please convert to stable…. PLEASE and PLEASE MAKE MORE MAPS

  22. why cant i play this map? has this been updated to the new way to put maps in?

  23. Spic(RUS) says:

    You make cool maps! Thanks!

  24. pascal says:

    hello i download it but i cant unzip the file to play with it thank for the help

  25. Ms. Nightshade says:

    What’s the name of the buggy in the map’s screenshots? I’ve been looking for a buggy just like that, but with a different set of textures for the body panels.

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