Map – Abandoned Mines

Author: no107064

This map is huge and what is even better it features a lot of new object. New buildings, new obstacle course items (you might remember them from the tech demo). It is just HUGE. I did not get around to testing it fully so i am using the provided screenshots to give you a taste of what this map entails.

Level Abandoned Mines Legacy
Level Abandoned Mines Legacy
level_Abandoned mines_legacy.7z
357 MiB

Level Abandoned Mines Lastest Stable
Level Abandoned Mines Lastest Stable
74.2 MiB

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100 Responses to Map – Abandoned Mines

  1. Michu says:

    it’s doesn’t work, i have legacy version.

  2. dieselpower_be says:

    this is 4×4 p**n . indeed a HUGE map , thx for sharing this !

  3. no107064 says:

    This map is not for legacy, only if rewrite in map files, maps can run (not testet, only theory)

  4. will says:

    is there any reason why this crashes my game?

  5. Roman says:

    Thank you very much for the card … good website, there is a lot to see … I am glad that people are simulated with very high accuracy, and indeed beautiful …

  6. aarondavis2014 says:

    why is the download 500mb? and does it work on the legacy version or the current version?

  7. scott says:

    Amazing map! But the biggest problem is the cloaks…. Ive spent an hour and a half just uncloaking the map. I uncloaked 5 cloaks and didnt get any progress towards revealing any more of the map… there are waaaaaayyyyy too many cloaks. Other than that, this map is just plain awesome

  8. RICHIE says:

    I use WinRAR but it said that the object was damaged

  9. Honda Tadakatsu says:

    Quality map design here. I love the run down vehicles and buildings. I however don’t like the testing/trial type areas with the bland stone textures. It looks out of place in an otherwise realistic looking enviroment.

  10. Ikke says:

    This map is just great. I’m having a blast exploring it.

    If you follow the main roads it’s not that difficult, but there are many places where you can make it very hard for yourself.

  11. Rav3n says:

    Awesome. Its huge, its varied, and its an excellent proving ground! 😀

  12. Trenton says:

    You and your damn cloaks. Man this ones hard. Lots of tough stuff. Keep up the good work

  13. ziggu says:

    BEST MAP BY FAR!!!!!! thanks so much for this!!!

  14. Honda Tadakatsu says:


    Was 3 hours in with friends. First run to lumber with 535 long log set-up…i just insta double clicked to load logs….some new option showed up, i think i loaded it, and game froze/crashed….

    …not a cool new feature/load/whatever it is, waste of 3 hours.

  15. dustin says:

    thanks for the map keep up the good work

  16. Casimir01 says:

    dont work for me.
    Im on legacy. After select the man, only give an OK Button and After push im back in Menue.

  17. BreadMan says:

    How to install custum objects ?

    • says:

      If i remember correcty the files need to copied into the Media folder. I am checking this map today and will include a more detailed how to install it.

  18. Justin W. says:

    Im having trouble installing the map, is there anyone that can help me

  19. Jonathan says:

    How do you install wont work comes up with a gray box and yes im in legacy mode

  20. Epic says:

    At the game menu when I click on the start game it brings up a box with only a OK button in it and it dont start the map.

  21. carrot says:

    Finally able to download, probably a stupid question but whee do i add the new items folder? but i try to play it otherwise on either the legacy or normal version it doesnt work. would really like to play, looks really fun HELP?

  22. sean says:

    Copied the two files into my media folder, started the spintires client and clicked on the map, and this little boxed popped up on the middle of my screen that said “Ok”, any help? Reeeeally wanna try this map out.

  23. Jon says:

    Where do I put the files other than level files, or just Media?

  24. Epic says:

    Can you explain me how to install legacy because i couldn’t work it out.

  25. no107064 says:

    now I working at new map cca 65% complete, I will huge map, and more detailed than abandon mines

    Here is my older map

  26. Mike says:

    I’ve tried for hours to get some of these maps to work, I can install and play 6 of these but all rest show the little popup “OK” when I try to play them. I’ve tried clear the cache, reinstalled legacy, deleted local content, deleted spintires folder, used notepad to change the first three letters, (they were correct already)
    Can somebody tell me what I can try to play this map?

  27. carter says:

    I have the legacy version, but when I click play it says cant load level, file either broken/missing or old version

  28. GeneralFord says:

    I get a weird error message trying to launch the map. Im using legacy build and ive installed the map like it tells me to. What’s wrong?

  29. MADPOWER says:

    ahhh…i knew something wasn`t wright…now works:)

  30. carter says:

    will there be an update, for the error message at launch, if so, when? it looks like a great map

  31. chris says:

    so just downloaded this, running legacy, installed into the levels/maps folder in the main game directory, but it wont show up in the game menus ? any suggestions ? thanks in advance

  32. Zach Makenzie says:

    I have been trying to download maps and it keeps saying the file is broken or lost or out of date what does that mean. Also i know you need to copy the map picture file and the actual map file. What do i do with the other files such as classes meshes and textures?

  33. Zachary says:

    whenever I try to start up the map, it loads for about 2 secs then it gos to the main menu with a “okay” button in the middle of the screeen

  34. quentin mullett says:

    wont work says outdated

  35. Powerstrokenation4life says:

    can you make it to where you dont have to install legacy mode

  36. Can't play game right says:

    Map doesn’t load on menu I have tried to reinstall over and over again

  37. Braden says:

    Nah he’s right, im in legacy using JSGME to install this map and it says cant load either broken/missing file or old version…

    • Braden says:

      Im currently trying the latest stable link because I’ve had good luck with other old “latest stable” maps work in legacy

  38. spoke says:

    a) D/L Legacy mode from Steam – ok
    b) Installed all files in the unzipped MEDIA folder – ok
    c) Started the game and selected this map – ok
    d) I’ve been playing all day and half the night – ok
    e) Undone ALL of the cloaking – ok
    f) Been ALL OVER the map – ok
    g) Question I have is how can I unlock any of the garages? I can’t seem to figure this one out….

  39. spoke says:

    I’m D/Ling this version and try it. I might have picked up a bad copy. In my present version ALL garages are locked with nothing to unlock them with.

  40. Trucker says:

    When I saw this I was like, **** yeah, **** yeah.

  41. Matt says:

    How do you unlock the garage?

  42. Lynx says:

    I can’t unlock the garages on this map 🙁

    Could you please fix it since you can only drive around and uncloak the map

  43. Matt says:

    Has the file been updated so that we can unlock garages?

  44. Mr.Monroe says:

    Народ, нет точек погрузги в симмуляторе

  45. Pedro says:

    Does this work in Multiplayer last version of Spintires?

  46. spinyourtires says:

    what version is this for because the version i have is 25.12.15. and and it says it’s outdated

  47. muddbogger says:

    I have 19/25/15 and it wont work for me

  48. spinyourtires says:

    i tried renstalling and it still didnt work

  49. Daniel says:

    Took an hour to download then there is nothing even in the file???? Da heck?

  50. SantaDaClaus says:

    Can i play this on multiplayer in legacy mode?

  51. Falkonna says:

    Uncovered the whole map but did not find any logs or log kiosks, any tips or do i have a botched installation of the map?

  52. flan says:

    Do I have to unlock all cloaks first, in order to load logs? Wasn’t able to do so in multiplayer playing the latest stable. Uncovered all cloaks except one. Couldn’t find any marks on the map reagarding wood/logs neither driving abouts the point where I suspected it’s supposed to be.
    Maybe the map was corrupt?

  53. spinyourtires says:

    is there any way i can convert this map to the proving grounds

  54. connor says:

    finally got it working but all of the concrete bariers and all of the concrete in the test area is black

  55. Svetlin says:

    Hey Guys
    how to get it work on latest stable ?
    is there lumber kiosk?

  56. hoanns says:

    Hey, I just wanted to say that it is a waste of resources to include the textures folder, they will be white anyways.

    So yeah dont include them and save the people 1.4gb of space

  57. mla09103 says:

    after dowloading and installing this map i cannot play it online with my friends why????

  58. hoanns says:

    fixed textures and removed useless files

  59. Devin Eremchuk says:

    Hey! I was wondering if maybe you knew the author, no107064? The reason I ask is because I would like to get a version of the Abandoned Mines map but without the cloaking points. Basically a pre-released version of the map. I would like to use this map as a replacement for the proving grounds map because proving grounds has been growing a bit bland. So I was just wondering if by any chance you could get in contact with the author and ask him for me? Thanks.

  60. Devin Eremchuk says:

    OK Thank you you’re great help! 🙂

  61. Micjet2 says:

    Great wine, gigantic work! But is it possible to have a version with an open garage out. Otherwise it is impossible to replace the only truck before the opening of the garage. The alternative would be to leave an extra slot. it would be really cool of you. Thanks to you !

    Sorry for my poor english

  62. Héderson says:

    no have logs kiosk for play in hard mode ?

  63. damo says:

    i need help, i cant use any of these downloads, i click download and the file downloads as a 7zip file but when i watch youtube tutorials they download them as winrar files

  64. Klaus says:

    Great map! Thanks. Played it in legacy version.

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