Author: king_the_modder SID: Cab Textures
Source: Oovee

Four flavours of the might MAN KAT1 truck in one package for the game.  It comes with a 8×8, 6×6, and 4×4 versions. Has several different colors to choose from. (Blue, green, tan, white)

All trucks can be used with the default addons but are also very usefull without just for fun or exploring a map.

Kings Man Kat1 V1.2
Kings Man Kat1 V1.2
Kings Man Kat1 v1.2_23.10.15.7z
Version: 23.10.15
39.8 MiB
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2 Responses to MAN KAT1

  1. Carnaxus says:

    Just wondering, is this compatible with the latest version of the game or is this for the “legacy” Latest_Stable?

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