Level – Zelenogorsk

Author: xXMarsianinXx
Source: vk.com

Interesting small map. Filled with the usual mud and water.

Text from vk.com: Actions take place in the small coastal town of Zelenogorsk, where you will find the trailer with garage parts and make the forest to sawmill 2. on the map: 6 cars (one to choose) 8 intelligence points felling 3 (1 and 2 combined manual loading)

Level Selenogorsk Latest Stable
Level Selenogorsk Latest Stable
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2 Responses to Level – Zelenogorsk

  1. javitomo1 says:

    It works in multiplayer?

  2. CorsaA1GSI says:

    i realy love these smaller style maps, it looks easy at first (using the standard trucks ‘provided’ by the author) but once you try to get the garage semi to a garage it gets alot more difficult. Please make more of these 🙂

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