Level – Wild Horse Falls

Author: Drifticidal
Source: Oovee

Text and screenshots by author:

This is my latest in trail maps, I’ve spent a lot on this map and hope you enjoy it, could spend many hours more but I know several trail junkies and rock hounds want to get their hands on this. There tons trails lots rock crawling a couple water falls and plenty on scenic views to enjoy.

Level Wild Horse Falls
Level Wild Horse Falls
level_Wild Horse Falls.7z
58.9 MiB

Some extra screenshots by myself:

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7 Responses to Level – Wild Horse Falls

  1. Montec1983 (cell) says:

    This.map looks amazing!!!! Is that truck you are using available to download???

  2. Drifticidal says:

    The truck is an old SID mod so I would imagine it will be available when he’s ready to update and release it 🙂

  3. andy says:

    i cant download and i have windows 10

  4. Shark_zx says:

    Loving this map just now! I spent hours on it yesterday, and intend to spend hours on it tonight!

    Very well done with a nice mix of trails and off shoot roads instead of one road round the whole map. Lets face it, one road get’s boring after the first drive, so this ones brilliant to explore.

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