Level – Wicked Valley

Author: richieXtheXboss
Source: here

This is the wicked valley map by Richie. The name says it all, do not expect a easy ride but instead lots of winching and figuring how to go round an obstacle without tipping over. Crawlers are best at home on this map!

[wpfilebase tag=file path=’levels/latest_stable/level_wicked valley_latest_stable.7z’ /]

If you like this map/mod please consider a contributing of any amount
all of it will go towards my new computer and I would like to thank you for you contribution

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4 Responses to Level – Wicked Valley

  1. guy8267 says:

    i want to ask how i install the map? tnk for the helper

  2. guy8267 says:

    ok tnk

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