Level – WheerDite

Before you ask.. no, i have no clue whatsoever what WheerDite stands for. I do know one thing for certain and that is that this map is a blast. A new creation from NTSR who we know from the Oxbow level. And again he pulls it off. This map just feels natural, the way the roads flow through the terrain, the way the trees and rivers are positioned. Everything just feels right, it has great logging qualities but is also very suited for just exploring or trail riding.

The name is explained: “it was started as a horse(like the Uffington white horse (UK)) but looked more like a deer!”

Post has now been updated to include a download link for the wheerdite map!

Level Wheerdite
Level Wheerdite
60.3 MiB
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7 Responses to Level – WheerDite

  1. justin says:

    wounder it its supused to be white deer

  2. Madpower says:

    the acion of making thing weeird???
    maybe…weerd_it…is new word for sure 😉 but is what it feels to me

  3. Ormagodon says:

    Very detailed map, I like it!

  4. Private Puncakes says:

    Every time i try to load a modded vehicle in the map i get a error

  5. Shark_zx says:

    WOW, fantastic map! I’ve just downloading it and played for a few minutes and already love it. Very nice flow to it. I’m from the UK and never heard of the place? i know a white horse bank near Thirsk/Upsall North Yorkshire.
    Anyway, excellent map. Waiting for my buddy to come online so we can trail round it so didn’t want to do too much. Great work.

  6. Ilkka says:

    This might be a great drivig map, but for logging it does give too much challenge and it soon becomes too hard to finish. If there would be more direct and clear routes around the hills, then it would be much better for logging as well.

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