Level – Warzone

Author: RiskyWhiskey

This map is themed on what a terrain would look like when something stupid like a war comes along and messes things up. It feels like it has been bombed and then deserted. Great layout of the terrain which leaves plenty of room to just free roam.

Level Warzone Latest Stable
Level Warzone Latest Stable
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10 Responses to Level – Warzone

  1. Alan says:

    So, if someone comes to my country to wage war and i defend myself, i’m stupid? Not because you wish peace everybody will agree. It’s the way it this. Or maybe you don’t mind a belligerent country invading yours.

    • Spintires.nl says:

      War is stupid by definition but you have a point there, not all men are stupid. I altered the text on the post.

      • Alan says:

        Thank you very much. I apologize if i came out a little strong. My grand father and three of his sons (including my own father) me, my step brother, we all had to serve at some point of time and believe me, i wish we didn’t. But we had no choice really. None of us started a war, we just tried and stop it. We definitively agree that war is very nasty and stupid. Again thank you for changing your text.

  2. SpitFire says:

    is that a jeep wagoneer?

  3. RiskyWhiskey says:

    to the left of the starting garage is a wheeling area based off the borenou safari challenge for those who like truck killing offroading experiences as a side note only put mod trucks in the empty truck slots for some reason filling all five trucks causes and xml conflict with the mod trucks and crashes the game with a c++ error

  4. Robert says:

    hi i love this map was it made to look like a place IRL? or no?


  5. Robert says:

    my Steam name CWL900/rsteel200

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