Level – Vyborg

Author: Eugene VG
Source: vk.com

On the map: 4 Sawmills 1 Lesopoval 2 Garage 1 Refuelling 9 Points Intelligence Technology: 1 Maz 1 Maz2 2 Kamaz 1 Ural 1 UAZ 1 Kraz 1 Zyl.

A nice solid map to do some logging on. Don’t be fooled by the first part, the deeper you get the more surprises. Uses a lot of custom object like road signs which is adding to the feel of the map.

new version.added two points loading, fixes some bugs.

Level Vyborg Latest Stable
Level Vyborg Latest Stable
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2 Responses to Level – Vyborg

  1. Stefan says:

    Doesn’t work anymore.

  2. Madpower says:

    tx for your work Eugene

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