Level – Trax SS

Author: Nix_909
Source: Oovee

Tested by SID, Bruteterror, Hazzard and Captain Blue

Recommended Trucks:

SID-05-Ford-Ranger-Baja: http://steamcommunit…s/?id=672606521
SID-Chevy-ZR2-Pre-Runner: http://steamcommunit…s/?id=672587407
SID-Ford-Raptor-Pre-Runner: http://steamcommunit…s/?id=672599651
Brute-96-F150-Prerunner: http://steamcommunit…s/?id=672621398

Level Nix-Trax SS
Level Nix-Trax SS
level_Nix-Trax SS.7z
19.7 MiB
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