Level – The Swabian Alb

Author: irg1990
Source: stmods.ru

I love a level with a good name and this sure has one. And it delivers a beauty of a map to drive with some nice terrain tricks like deep water crossings that can better be done by truck instead of the jeep i used.

On the map are located:
5 sawmills
1 felling
1 point loading
9 vehicles
1 refill

Level The Swabian Alb
Level The Swabian Alb
49.6 MiB
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4 Responses to Level – The Swabian Alb

  1. trucky says:

    Thank you irg, i live on the swabian alb.
    nice map.

  2. moises zambrana says:

    Great map. Quick question, has that Jeep Cherokee been released yet? If so, where can I download it? thanks!

  3. willem says:

    The first river crossing is almost impossible to cross…the second one is IMPOSSIBLE to cross no matter which truck you use…or am i missing something? Map needs to be fixed asap! If it wasn’t for that one major BUG, it would be a awesome map.

  4. Ilkka says:

    Too hard to get trough the water crossing, that kind of takes the fun out of the whole map.

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