Level – The Few

Author – WrenchinMonkey

Finally the Few is ready for release and is actually amazing! I feel as thought every time I play a Wrenchin Monkey map the quality just gets better and better. This map will blow your mind because every corner is stunning and also  is really well thought out. The amount of terrain variation is also very nice and the use of water throughout is astounding.

I know some of you think that I am biased to the group that I talk to but this map is seriously that good! I recommend anyone to check it out as proof.

Update Log

  • Fixed messed up Bridge

Map Features:

  • Requires Spintires+
  • 2 Garages
  • 6 Truck Slots

Recommended Trucks:

Release Video by Spun

Level - The Few V2
Level - The Few V2
Level - The Few v2.7z
89.2 MiB
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10 Responses to Level – The Few

  1. Hazzard says:

    It looks like comments are working once again. If you need help the best place to ask would be here.

  2. Guistou says:

    Freaky nice 60 series cruiser!!! Thanks for job modders!!!

  3. james says:

    great map WrenchinMonkey

  4. Chris May says:

    luv this one just I’ve luv’d all ur other ones…well done yet again WM

  5. MetalMilitia1 says:

    Awesome map! Great job WM! Great use of the rocks, love boulder hill challenges!Thanks for keeping this website going Hazzard!

  6. Rough Rider says:

    I love this one Monkey, I feel like the minimap is pretty dark.

  7. Ormagodon says:

    Amazing map, lots of detail and mix of terrains.

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