Level – The Bogs

Author: Robbit
Source: Oovee

Expect a lot of wetness when using this map! It’s themed on the big bogs we found all over the world and it will be difficult keeping your truck tires dry.

The map features:
– 13 Balance Points
– 1 lumber yard
– 2 objectives
– 1 Garage
– 13 Cloaks
– 6 Trucks

Level The Bogs
Level The Bogs
level_The Bogs.7z
49.9 MiB
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5 Responses to Level – The Bogs

  1. bane says:

    where did you get the ram? 23

  2. Montec1983 says:

    Where can i find that Dodge Ram 2500 you are using in the pictures??

  3. FamousTrickz says:

    Is that ram released yet? If so where can I find it?

  4. trucker_bob says:

    another map that wont laod when you try and jsut sit there crashing with the defult truck you giv eon the map another shit map not tested to work

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