Level – Styx

Author: ActionJackson
Source: Oovee

This is a promising map design for someone who has just released his first map. It did not bore me down within 10 minutes and kept me going looking for other places to discover.

This is what the author himself has to say about it:

Many people have crossed the Styx, everyone at their time, but only a band of a legendary few ever returned alive, a long time ago.
None of them with logs… .

Can you do the same,…come back with logs… and even go back get some more?

-1x Garage; locked at game start
-1x Fuel station
-2×2 Kiosks; 2 per log site, positioned so 4 could load at the same time.
-2×1 Lumber; for casual loading, 1 per log site.
-4 Cloaks; just to guide player a bit, i hate cloaks 😉

– Difficulty; considerate, it’s aimed at more experienced players
– Game Time; Long, least 5 hours i guess.
– Map is balanced for medium(4pts) load, small should be easy and long logs are optional 😀
– Map is designed and build with team play in mind, winch points are rare and i deliberately added non.
1 player may be busy only with driving support(fuel maybe with 8×8, and kirovets tow in river if needed).
If he still got time he can drive logs independently maybe.
– The village area may not look very good, this is the only area i am not perfectly happy with, the village looks bland for a lack of objects at the time.
– Build time; ~50-60 hours
– For Game version; “25.12.15” (Was made at this time, may work with later versions…or not.)
– last but not least; i know in historic literature, Acheron is the river that is crossed with the ferry man, but in popular culture Styx took all the credit
so i chose Styx as name although Acheron would be the right one 😀 anyways… 😀

Enjoy and Good Luck!

Level Styx Stock
Level Styx Stock
30.8 MiB
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4 Responses to Level – Styx

  1. WuZai says:

    thanks to u ! good map

  2. John says:

    1 startup truck? Come on.

  3. Ilkka says:

    Not my favourite map I have to say. Specially the bridge crossings were annoying. Sorry.

  4. Qewer says:

    The bridge is just ruining the map, I like everything else but that bridge…

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