Level – Smugglers Trail

Author: newbie_master
Source: Oovee

A rectangular map with a smugglers trail right down the middle. Maps with a story line are always better and this one hits the spot. To get to the other side you can follow the sides of the map or choose to go on the old neglected Smugglers Trail. Be warned, it has many obstacles to face like fallen trees and deep water crossings.

Level SmugglersTrail Latest Stable
Level SmugglersTrail Latest Stable
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5 Responses to Level – Smugglers Trail

  1. FamousTrickz says:

    What is the truck you are using in the pictures of this map?

  2. Chris says:

    What a great map! There are log kiosks so it’s playable in Hardcore. I love that you start with only one truck (which really focuses the mind in Hardcore). Cloaking adds to the intrigue and the map is covered with great winching points, even in more open areas.

    Entirely doable with the stock trucks – we played this with three people in multiplayer and if I recall correctly it took a couple of hours. It’s harder than the levels that came with the game and a great challenge.

    A really well-thought-through map that forces you to think carefully about what you’re taking where and when, and lots of different options for how to get around the place. Some of those options, it turns out, aren’t very good choices.

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