Level – Smed’s Moab

Author: Smed

Ok, now i am used to playing some pretty impressive maps. I know quite a few amazing people who have this unique skill to make maps that you just play over and over again. NTSR, Blackwater_CA, Dexter Paris to name a few. And now Smed send me this. A map based on the moab desert area in the US of A. I was speechless.. this map is just way beyond what i was expecting from it when i spotted some Spun videos lately. It guarantees hours upon hours of crawling fun. Truly a work of art this map and i will stop typing now so you can download it and experience the same jaw dropping driving thrill.

Some screenshots to compare with the actual map:

In game screenshots:

Level SmedMoab
Level SmedMoab
40.2 MiB
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  1. Cmarsh70 says:

    I’m trying to download, but it saves the file as a .7z/notebook file and will not let me use it in game. Any Help

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