Level – Siberian Express 2016 R2

Author: no107064

Go for this map because it is worth every byte of your download bandwidth. Beautifully arranged and constructed map with lots of custom object such as barriers and houses and bridges etc etc. This is definitely a map you will have a lot of fun on just exploring every corner and every road.

Level Siberian Express 2016R2
Level Siberian Express 2016R2
611 MiB
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14 Responses to Level – Siberian Express 2016 R2

  1. ~{DCMT}~ Ryu says:

    This was one of my favorite maps on the last game version. I’m a little disappointed that it has been nerfed with all the extra garages and fuel. And now there’s a road bypassing the whole map along the top??? Darn…

  2. 90Ramcharger says:

    broken or missing file for me

  3. mike ruland says:

    keeps saying the file is broken or missing

  4. Ahnokth says:

    Great map, but too many (blocked) cars on the list for me – how can i throw them out?
    I know i dont have too use them, but they pissed me off 🙂
    I used spinteresplus…

  5. Kanes437 says:

    Hi friends….sorry about the question …..this is still a legacy version right ??…..because don’t work for me in the latest stable hum….

  6. bama13 says:

    how do i download this type of map, i assume its not as easy as just dragging the level files into the media folder due to haviing so many custom objects

    • Spintires.nl says:

      It takes a little skill i admit but there are two maps.. copy the content of both into the Media folder.

  7. RoughRider says:

    This is a must have for any Spintires player, and can be fun in any vehicle.

  8. Cody says:

    For some reason, whenever I install the objects of thee map in the folder, it always screws up my game; a message comes up that says that files are corrupted/outdated & as a result, I have to uninstall & reinstall the game. This is absolutely frustrating. Can you/the map author please address this & fix this? Thank you.

  9. Ilkka says:

    Sadly does not work, I added the stg and dds file to media (zip) in the game but the game refufes to download the map.

    I use the same process to all the map files but this one does not work.

    Last game version in use.

  10. Young-Gamer says:

    Really nice map. We tried to complete it in one video but it became a mini series of 4 or 5 videos. Anyway, part 1 is here: https://youtu.be/SVXHOsqJFvs

  11. V12 says:

    One of the best maps for ST. It is amazing how author made 15 km of the “roads” in square 1000×1000 meters with non repetitive scenery. And thanks to the lowered number of the objectives is another big plus point, because 26 times drive same way is boring for me.
    Author – big Thumb Up and more that superb maps.

  12. JhowDroid says:

    Awesome map! better than all!

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