Level – Shipwreck Scramble

Author: Kourtjestr
Source: Oovee

Lots of water and shipwrecked ships.

Text from Oovee:

During a ship journey to a remote logging outpost, there was a freak storm. Your ship has wrecked and you must start building if you are going to survive. You will start with 4 trucks at the only garage on the map. There are an undisclosed number of trucks to discover, two fuel points, one well established lumber camp, and an unknown number of logging kiosks. The map is cloaked, but the cloaks are almost all relevant to running the map. Consider it a fog of war.

There are five objective points to satisfy to rebuild this community. You have your work cut out for you.
Get out there, men!

*Map is set with all stock trucks for compatibility. This is a 64×64 map, so it may take a while.
** If there is demand, I can make it muddier, but I tried to keep it muddy where it most likely *would* be.

Level Shipwreck Scramble Latest Stable
Level Shipwreck Scramble Latest Stable
level_Shipwreck Scramble_latest_stable.7z
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4 Responses to Level – Shipwreck Scramble

  1. Ak says:

    how to use this map? in which version it will work?

  2. Caesman says:

    I am trying to install this with JSGME and it is not working. Is there another way I should be installing the maps?

    the youtube link here showing how at this site are down

  3. kourtjestr says:

    Just unzip and move the levels to the Media/levels folder in Steam. Works in MP. I should know, since I made it. šŸ˜‰

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