Level – Russian Taiga

Author: no107064
Source: vk.com

Big map with a good dosage of custom objects and a challenging terrain layout. You can, using the right vehicle, create some interesting routes for yourself on this map. Follow the river for example, lots of fun to be found in the water.

Level Russian Taiga Latest Stable
Level Russian Taiga Latest Stable
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4 Responses to Level – Russian Taiga

  1. AgentJaded says:

    Great map. Love the dynamic objects. Very time consuming, and visually amazing details. 3 hrs to uncloak and unlock garages.
    Doing the logs tomorrow.

  2. lilkittie says:

    love this map. very realistic imo, and challenging in the not-stupid way like the stock maps, for instance every single mud puddle or river crossing isnt gonna have 3 ft of mud you have to deal with. and the ‘shortcut’ behind the garage… i cant tell you how many times ive had that happen to me, irl. If you choose to go down that road, I would carry a pair of dikes with me if i were you 🙂

  3. Darek says:

    I need some help. I cant load logs on this map. Ive cleared cashe but it didnt help. Do you have any ideas why?

  4. laczojanos says:

    Good Job! Russian taiga What else! :-)))

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