Level – Rough Rider

Author: Drifticidal
Source: Oovee

Just a trail map. Lots and lots of trailing to be done here. No logging, just trailing. Did i mention trailing yet?

Level Rough Rider
Level Rough Rider
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2 Responses to Level – Rough Rider

  1. Montec1983 (cell) says:

    Excellent traiilling map. Not for the beginner either. Lots of downed trees Big Lots the Hills. With great views, this is an excellent map hands down. One of my new favorites.

  2. Shark_zx says:

    You certainly have a fetish for fallen trees. I downloaded this tonight thinking ‘Finally, someone get’s that we want trailing maps’ And whilst you added a few great spots, like all of a sudden a nice rocky area, and the track between the rocks and singular river crossing. The main track was boring and just a dismal abyss of endless fallen trees to get snagged on. The outer track was good, i liked that, but very sparse in the way of obstacles. If you could make a part 2 but less fallen trees , more tracks like the outer ring but also more obstacles popping up like rocks etc, then it would be a fantastic map. I’ve deleted this now, just far to many many trees.

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