Level – Rocks

Author: ABR

Have you broken? You run out of fuel? You need the logs?
Now they will come to you themselves!
Yes, now we have DRIVEN the train!
– railroad
– driven trains, they can deliver to any place:
– fuel
– repair parts
– logs
– a lot of new objects:
– pontoon
– rocks
– tunnels
– concrete runway
– airplane Il-76
– railroad depot
– checkpoint
– wooden and stone bridges
– 2 lumbers
– 2 manual loadings
– 8 objective stations
– 2 KRAZ-255

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Treacherous rails!
Steep cliffs!
The dangerous swamps!
Driver, be very careful and cautious!




Yandex money

Screenshots by Gr4ndy and ABR

Level Rocks
Level Rocks
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11 Responses to Level – Rocks

  1. Cody says:

    Awesome map.

  2. Kjetil Sedeniussen says:

    more maps that dont work this is a big shame for the game

  3. Cybergod318 says:

    does the Train work in this map?

  4. Rhilianis says:

    The map works just fine. It is quite a concept adding working trains to the game. I know this is a first attempt and still rough but very nice work so far.

  5. Betjon says:

    How to install this?

  6. ~{DCMT}~ Ryu says:

    A friend and I had to call it quits after 15 minutes. Train vehicles kept jumping off the tracks on slight bumps and there’s no way to get them back on once they come off…

    • Cody says:

      I guess it would take a bit of practice. I have trouble w/it too.

      • ~{DCMT}~ Ryu says:

        Ya, it was a bit too much when they would jump the track 2m from the starting “garage”. After we had each reset 2 or 3 times trying to get moving, we finally managed to get to the first log kiosk where the trains again jumped the track for a bump.

  7. dominic says:

    it is still not working add me on steam waffle man 22

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