Level – Rescue Mission

Author: no107064
Source: vk.com

Big rescue mission themed map with lots of ground to explore. Uses custom objects which really add a story to the map. Excellent work by no107064.

Level Rescue Mission Latest Stable
Level Rescue Mission Latest Stable
199 MiB
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7 Responses to Level – Rescue Mission

  1. tyler says:

    how do I get this to work in the latest stable of spintires when theres 4 folders and I only need the levels folder

  2. I can’t get this map to work for the life of me. And I want to run this one so bad.

  3. GSX8 says:

    Can’t get this map to work either :/ looks so nice and fun but i just can’t get it to work 🙁

  4. Ormagodon says:

    Very nice exploration map.

  5. Kingpinn says:

    I just wanted to add what an absolute joy this map is.

    Incredibly well laid out with beautiful scenery, the paths and tarmac roads are handy but you can go which every route you want. loved every minute!

    Loads of trails and places to explore.

    If you haven’t played this map yet, get it, its a challenge and well worth the effort.

    To the Author, hats off my friend, you have smashed it right out the park with this.

  6. Ilkka says:

    Nice map for explore, not so good for logging. But still great fun to drive around.

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