Level – Rallyejeepy

Author: Arts911
Source: Oovee

This is what the author has to say about this map:
8 starting vehicules
1 fuel stations
Lots of track to discovers
-hard bridge crossing
-mud track
-hill climbing
-Rocky downhill

And i concur 😉 it’s not a big map but it is a blast.

Level Rallyejeepy Latest Stable
Level Rallyejeepy Latest Stable
6.3 MiB
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18 Responses to Level – Rallyejeepy

  1. yodaman says:

    Not bad… Unfortunately the river keeps crashing my game… Playing on an ASUS g751… 24GB RAM with the GTX 980m…

  2. John says:

    Map is bugged. Crashes when you winch.

  3. Jonthan Higgins says:

    Every time I winch my game crashes, I don’t know if this is just me or not.

  4. Dabnation710 says:

    Game crashes everytime I winch to something. amazing map!! next level for wheeling

  5. BudgetBeater says:

    Every map I download and install work great but freezes and crashes as soon as I use my winch. Am I downloading it wrong or is this just a glitch. Thanks

  6. ferdozy says:

    the files are not zip files how do i download

  7. Montec1983 (cell) says:

    This map is one of the smallest, but one of the most entertaining maps on this website. I love the Rallyejeepy map. Unfortunately my game did a auto download of an update yesterday at 3 p.m. Eastern Time, and now the game freezes exactly 2 minutes and 25 seconds after loading it, I don’t even get enough time to start an engine, never-ending trying to winch something.. I am now back in Legacy mode which works perfectly

  8. miniandmental45 says:

    i dont see a .zip file pls help

  9. montec1983 says:

    This is truly my FAVORITE map thats available at this point!!!! It is truly the most fun, and at the same time still challanging.. I am so thankful to both the creator of this amp, and to this website for having the best maps around!!! As well as having the best vehicles around too!! Keep up the good work guys!!!!!!

  10. Ermac says:

    Cant download it says authentication required

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