Level – Project Six

Author: Schlammspringer
Source: Oovee

Text copied from Oovee site:

The Story:

After a hard day’s work and delivering a container full of wooden shoes from the local factory, you are looking forward to get home, eat something and then play a round of SpinTires on your new computer.
But then, you get a call from your big boss……this can’t mean anything good…..

„Hey Pavel, you’re still at the railway station, right? Well i’ve got some problem….“

Hehe, what would you do without the dayly problems of your chef….

„…i’m urgently awaiting a container i need here at the central. Ran out of toilet paper and so i had to close the garage until it arrives. Now it got the information, that the truck got stuck anywhere in the swamp. The truck is drowned, but the trailer should be well…..“

Oh, ********!!! Now you know, it was a bad desicion this morning to choose the higway Kamaz for your easy tour to the station……But well, not impossible for a good driver!

„So, find this damned trailer and bring it to the garage as soon as possible. If you could rescue the truck too would be cool. But this is not from importance, because it’s not my truck, hehe….“

You are a pro and you always try to do a good job, so it’s a challenge to bring home both, truck and trailer……

„Oh, and by the way…..i know you aren’t equipped with mud tires at the moment, so you can use my brand new jeep, that is standing at the station too to search for the lost trailer…if you want.

No way! You know exactly, that you have to wash and polish this crap car when it got dirty…and this sucks!

You have to hurry, because there are some more delivers on your list:
-The shoe factory needs wood for its production and the steampowered generator there is slowly running out of wood gas.
-The next train arriving the station is carrying two vagons, your chef has rented for the transport of wood to the next sawmill. Not very good for your reputation, if they have to leave empty!
-And at „Port Desert“ a ship is waiting for wood that shall be exported to china

Much to do, so don’t hesitate and begin your work!
The background:

This is my first map, made for 23.12.15 Version. My aim was, to create an interresting map with a variety of terrain types and the ability to choose the difficulty level, depending on the way you want to go.
It is intended to be playable by beginners, but offering some optional challenge for the advanced driver.
This is, as all my maps before designed as logging map with stock trucks. So don’t expect anything for trailing or rock crawling with overpowered mod jeeps!

The features

-Variation of terrain Types (Forest, Mountains, Swamp and Desert)
-Two logging sites (no automatic lumber) and some „free“ logs lying around
-Four objectives (2 x factory, 1 x railway staion and 1 x port)
-Trucks (Stock): UAZ, ZIL, Kamaz, Ural, Kraz(2x), GAZ, Kirovets
-Custom objects

Known bugs:

-One bridge causes white shadow from passing truck
-Some floating leaves at forest and mountains
-Water/mud bug in the swamp, caused by truck tracks
-Floating of trucks above some muddy roads in the forest
-Unexpected damage of trucks, crashing against invisible CDT of DLC rocks
-Due to the numberous objects some freezers when starting the map first time

That’s all i have noticed until now 😉

Installation and activation:

This map contains custom objects. So you have to activate this level AFTER SpinTires was started. I suggest to use JSGME mod installer. Therefore this map is released as JSGME package. Just copy the unpacked folder into the MODS folder of your JSGME…DONE
If you prefer to install manually, copy the content of the included MEDIA folder (levels, classes, meshes and textures) into the MEDIA folder of your SpinTires.

Feel free to report your feedback (positive AND negative):
Now i wish you MUCH FUN

Level Projectsix
Level Projectsix
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